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2019 – New Year, Same Me, Better Living


I know it’s been a while. Life happened. It has been a busy few months and so the last time I wrote a post was October! I do not want to be a blogger that is all new year new me. This year I am going to have a million views, write 3 posts a week and get 50,000 subscribers. That is not who I am. I tried that last year I have several New Years Resolutions. I couldn’t tell you one of them.

This year I am just going with it. Going with the flow and letting my creative writing juices flow when I feel I need to. Of course, I want to be more consistent and I have a few things in the pipeline for 2019. So imagine the cheesy This Morning music as I tell you what’s coming up this year for Juniper Daze.

  • Juniper Daze goes to the Gym 
    • I have joined the Gym (Like everyone else) and plan on tracking my fitness progress, with regular fitness diaries/ updates.
  • Juniper Daze goes Travelling
    • I spent Christmas in Portugal and so plan on writing all about it. Also, I am planning on going to Cornwall, the Midlands, Skye and
  • Juniper Daze drinks Gin 
    • I am looking forward to writing more Gin Reviews this year.
  • Juniper Daze watches Movies
    • For years I have said I want to watch the IMDB Top 250 Films. I plan on doing that this year.
  • Juniper Daze goes to Gigs 
    • This year I have already got a few tickets in the diary – Nish Kumar, Spice Girls, Chvrches, Let’s Rock 80’s Festival and Paul Weller (twice!). I am sure there will be more in the pipeline too.

So watch this space for better, more regular updates! Ready to boss 2019 with my Louis Theroux t-shirt and a positive attitude.

I gotta Get Theroux This...


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