10 Tips for Visiting Paris

My Top 10 Tips for Visiting Paris


I recently visited Paris and so wanted to share my top 10 Tips to have an awesome time in Paris. You can read more about my trip here.

  1. Plan Ahead

Paris is massive, it’s bigger than you think. Plan ahead have a rough idea of what you want to do. This means that you will see as much as you can but also you’ll save a lot of money and time. Book things in advance like the Eiffel Tower if you want to do that, you skip the queues. We also booked our river cruise in advance and got 2 tickets for £11 via Expedia. If you are going to Disneyland look out for deals leading up to visiting. We used Google Maps and marked on the places we wanted to go and then printed it off so when we were in Paris we were checking we hadn’t missed anything. 

  1. Pack Smart

I am the worst at packing, I pack everything and wear the same thing. I would say for Paris-  layers are a good option. Even if it is colder, you might be walking a while or in the museums where it’s a little warmer so pack and wear layers so you can add and subtract! Also, think sensible shoes. Trainers are your friend there is a lot of walking!

Paris Eiffel Tower


  1. Get a Paris Visite’ Metro Pass

This is a metro pass that lasts for 1, 3 or 5 days. You pay a one off and that all your metro and bus sorted. The Paris metro system is brilliant and you will rely on it! We bought ours at the airport and it was about €60 but it covered us from the airport and back and out to Disneyland and back. You get some discounts in places, including 10% off in LA Galeries LaFayette.

Top Tip - Get a Paris Viste Metro Card!!

  1. Be Vigilant

I read this post before I went to Paris. I am so glad I did. Within 5 minutes of us getting off the Metro in Paris on our first day my husband was stopped and someone tried to tie a piece of string around his finger. Immediately I was like NO!! We were asked to sign the petitions at every major tourist attraction. Also be so aware of Pickpockets – a lot of people came up to me in my personal space asking for cigarettes etc.  Take a zipped bag and be aware!

Hotel D'Invalides

  1. Free Tours

We were going go on one of of these but we were so burned out, see my next tip! But we did stumble across some of these tours and they looked good. The tours are free and you only have to pay a tip at the end depending on what you thought. I wish we had done this!


  1. Chill Out

We went for 4 days to Paris – we walked 75,000 steps in 3 days. Everything was sore by day 4, we were going to go to Sacre’ Cour but we were exhausted. So don’t burn yourself out! Chill out. Soak up the atmosphere!

Garden Des Tuilleries

  1. Under 26 and from the EU?

It’s not too well documented that Under 26’s from the EU get in most places free. (Get to Paris quick before Brexit!) Even better your Passport counts as a ticket in most places so you don’t need to Queue. We got into The Louvre, The Orangerie, Musee’ D’Orsay and Pompidou for free. (although Pompidou you need to still queue for a ticket!) You can also get into L’Arc De Triomphe for free I think.

The Lourve

  1. Learn Some French

Admittedly, most people you come across will speak English and there are English Menus. But it goes a long way to attempt some french. Bonjour, Merci, Bonsoir, Au Revoir are the basics. The french appreciate it.


  1. Watch the Metro Exits

The Metro stations are huge and cover a large area. Be careful when you get off the Metro you are going to the right exit. I only say this as we got off the Metro that was about 3 minutes walk away from our hotel, except we took the wrong exit and walked a mile in the wrong direction before realising.


  1. Free Places

There are loads of free things to do in Paris. There are lots of Pinterest Pins about it – for example this post here. My highlights would be the Roof Terrace on top of La Galleries Lafayette is a must do! The shop itself is awesome but the views from the terrace are brilliant. Wandering round Pere LeChaise cemetery is cool too.

View from La Galleries La Fayette
View from La Galleries La Fayette

There are 10 Top Tips for visiting Paris. Hope you find them useful! Have you been to Paris what top tips would you give? Pin this post for later! 



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