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The Essential Paris Bucket List – What I Want To Do in Paris

Paris Bucket List

Have I mentioned I am going to Paris next month? My Husband and I are going for our first anniversary and we are major excited. I went a few years ago with some University friends and ever since have wanted to go back. I am a major travel planner, I love being a tourist. I have been highlighting a guide book, pinning all the Paris pins and I’ve created a Google Map with all the places I want to visit on it! This is my new travel top tip by the way! You can add pins to places, as well as notes onto the pins. I’ve added in all the places I want to go and the places we have made reservations, with notes added. This will make it much easier to work out where to go so we don’t miss anything off.

Paris Map

We also accidentally booked to go on the same weekend as the Paris Marathon. Whoops! Maybe we should have checked first!

My Essential Paris Bucket List

The Eiffel Tower

Okay this might be a given. But last time I took other people’s advice saying don’t go up it it’s not that good etc. But I really regretted not going up. Yeah it’s a total tourist attraction but it feels strange going to Paris and not doing the Eiffel Tower. We have already booked it, lucky we did as there was only one slot available when we booked!

Notre Dame

Again I saw this last time I went to Paris but we never went in. I think this time I am going to go in for a wander round. I may even brave the stairs and go up to see the famous gargoyles!

Rooftop View from Galleries Layfayette

I have read that the view from here is spectacular and who doesn’t love a good ole’ look round some french shops.


We have booked breakfast here for one of the mornings. The Hot Chocolate looks amazing. Especially the African Hot Chocolate that looks more like Chocolate Soup, you eat with a spoon! I love french pastries and baked goods. Basically all french food!

Disneyland Paris

I know it’s cheesy but I am up for a day of cheese! We are thinking of going here on the day of the Marathon to get out of the busy city centre. That would mean we are spending our actual anniversary with Mickey and Minnie! I am going to be that person that buys ears and waits in line to get a picture with all the characters.

Cheese and Wine

What more could be better than going to the city of Cheese and Wine! I remember going before when I was a student and making the quick realisation that wine was cheaper than Coke. So in the interests of being economic, I best sample the wine! There is a wine bar I visited before that I definitely want to go to again!

Boat Trip

I really want to do a Boat trip down the Seine. I haven’t rebooked anything yet but will keep my eye out for something. I think it would be nice to do this at some point and see Paris from a different perspective.

There are loads of other things I want to do like visit some Movie Locations from Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. I have bookmarked some other places that have good view points as well. I am really excited about going so expect to read all about Paris when I come back! I have also created a wish list of clothes that I want to buy to wear. I am going to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. Just to wait for Pay-Day!


3 thoughts on “The Essential Paris Bucket List – What I Want To Do in Paris

  1. I would definitely add a trip to the Sacre Couer which has a fantastic view of the whole of Paris.
    Also The Louvre. Have fun on your trip and Happy Anniversary! xx

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