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McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin

McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin

The Story

McQueen is distilled in Callander near Stirling. The McQueen distillery is unique in that it has some wonderfully original flavors and infusions. I had the pleasure of tasting their latest offering a Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin but they have Mocha, Chilli amongst others. McQueen is a family business run by a husband and wife team – Dale and Vicky McQueen. They have been described as the Heston Blumenthal of the Gin World because of their unique flavors – I have tasted Heston Blumenthal’s Gin and I would say this is much better!

The Distillery offers tours, which I am yet to get myself booked on one, but hopefully will go at some point soon! You can book these on their website.

The Gin

The Gin has a nice smooth taste, you can smell the rich chocolate as well as the citrus of the orange. It is an easy to drink gin and can be drunk straight if that’s more your thing, because of its smooth taste. The gin is clear as the flavors are infused, unlike other flavored gins that are often liqueur based. I am not normally a Chocolate Orange fan, in fact, the smell of Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas is something I cannot stand. This gin, however, doesn’t have that overpowering chocolate smell or taste. The sweet compliments the citrus taste. It’s refreshing and rich at the same time. Excellently distilled!

I can imagine this would be the perfect gin to have on a cold winters night warmed up in a kind of Hot Toddy style drink.

The Serve

McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin

The recommended serve for this Gin is…

50ml McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin

100ml Fever-Tree Premium Tonic Water

Big Ice

Cinnamon Stick

Orange Spiral Garnish

Further Details

For further details on how to book a tour or to purchase your own gin to sample look here

You can buy a pack of 4 of the gins so you can have your own tasting session. Although I love the Cobalt Blue bottles that the Gin comes in!

Thank you to the wonderful team at McQueen Gin for sending me some samples to test! I will be posting some more cocktails and ideas throughout April on my Instagram page.


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