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Juniper Gin Festival 2017 – Edinburgh

Juniper Gin Festival

IMG_1324As the name, Juniper Daze may suggest I am a massive Gin fan. I saw that there was this Gin festival on in town but initially thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, however, luck be had it that I was able to go on the first night of the Gin Festival.

The festival is held in Summerhall, which is the old vet school in Edinburgh which is now used as a venue, art area and Gin Distillery it seems! My husband and I went for a few drinks before hand – we soon learned this was a bit of a mistake.

uniper Gin Festival - Persie Gin
Persie Gin
The tickets were just over £20 and were well worth it. There were over 40 exhibitors and probably over 100 different gins to sample! I know at some gin festivals you have to pay for the drinks once you are in there and so that’s put me off before, however this one the ticket included your samples.

Gin List
Gin List
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We started off in the courtyard area and sampled some Arbikie Gin, I really enjoyed the Kirstie’s Gin – named after the head distiller. We then moved up to one of the halls with exhibitors. In here we sampled lots of gins including Pickering’s, Porters, Ginerosity, Hoxton’s, Edinburgh Gin, Makar, Darnley’s View amongst many others. I would be here all day if I listed the gins I tried and I am hoping to feature a few as Gins of the Month. I was worried that after sampling so many gins in a short space of time they would all merge into one. However that is the beauty of the Gin market- every gin seems to have a unique selling point. I mean some the unique selling point, unfortunately, wasn’t the taste but they were mostly memorable.

Summerhall Distillery - uniper Gin Festival
Summerhall Distillery
As part of the Festival we got to go on a quick whistle stop tour of the Pickerings Distillery which is in the Summerhall building. Set up in the old cat and dog kennels. It’s really quirky and cool. I like the gin and its story. I will definitely be going back for the full tour!

Porter's Gin - Juniper Gin Festival
Porter’s Gin
There were two halls of gins to sample and I could slowly feel myself getting drunker and drunker. Luckily in the courtyard, there was a food stall that did the most amazing beef or crab chips. They were beautiful and perfect for the moment!

Glen Wyvis Gin - Juniper Gin Festival
Glen Wyvis Gin
We sampled more gins in the other hall as well as this Fever Tree were here. They helped you choose a tonic that suited your palette and gin choice. My preference seems to be orange based gins with an elderflower tonic. Which is always good to know!

Ginerosity - uniper Gin Festival
Ginerosity – Juniper Gin Festival
I think in total I must have sampled about 30 gins, nowhere near as many as gins that were there. I definitely would return next year to the festival, but pace myself! I ended up buying a bottle of Hoxtons, which is an exotic gin, with coconut flavours. My husband got a bottle of the Violet Boe gin which was brilliant, it has the smooth fruity taste of a liqueur but is a 47% gin.

Hoxton Gin
Hoxton Gin

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I know there are other events in Scotland so I would definitely recommend you book yourself on one – See here for more details! 

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