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Avengers Infinity​ War – A No Spoiler Review


I’m going to try to keep this review honest but vague and spoiler free. I am a Superhero nerd and so was so excited about Infinity war coming out. My husband and I even stood in the cold for 6 hours to watch them film it. (See below pictures) So I thought I would do a what I loved and what I didn’t like post to hopefully spark up some conversation in the comments.

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What I Loved


Obviously, I loved the 10 minutes of Edinburgh footage. It was cool seeing it all come together after all the hype that filled Edinburgh last year when it was filmed. This film is the second most expensive film ever made and I kind of see why. Every little detail was thought of last year from the creation of a fake coffee shop and all the signage and detail inside it to even the leaflets at the train station. Which of course you cannot see in the film but were all made for the set. It was pretty cool seeing my hometown on the big screen with the Avengers.

The Super Group

Remember when they remade Band-Aid and getting really excited at seeing your favorite singers together. That’s how I felt when watching the Avengers it was all your favorite movies and characters coming together. I liked how they brought the stories together and the interaction between the characters; especially the interactions between Star-Lord and Thor, who are the funniest superheroes.

Watching it in 3D

I never go see films in 3D because I never feel it’s worth it but the timings worked out better for the 3D showing. I soon realized that it’s because I never wear my actual glasses and 3D glasses because I am in denial about how bad my eyesight actually is. Turns out when you wear both the 3D effects are much better and it was totally worth it. I felt myself ducking at several points and trying to move so I could see around Thor.

The Pace

Even though I go to the cinema a lot. I normally get bored in a movie and find myself checking my phone or going for a walk. I’m sorry for who I am as a person. The pace of this film and the subplots meant you didn’t have time to be bored or check the time it was a fast-paced film that kept me captivated.

Captain America’s Beard

Image result for captain america infinity war gif

Self Explanitary Really….

Things I didn’t love

The Concentration Required

Although it kept me engaged I wish at times I had brought a notebook and pen and drew a mind map to keep up with the Infinity Stones, the storyline and the backstory of the characters. I highly recommend you watch a catch up like this one before you go!

The Deaths

Brace yourself. There are some deaths in the movie. They are sad, and some sadder than others. Also one I didn’t know I cared as much for this character until they were gone. However, as we well and truely know, death doesn’t always mean the end in the Marvel Universe.

The Cliffhanger

The film does end on a cliffhanger which is expected considering they had to split the film in two. But still I want more; I am an impatient person!

Have you seen Avengers Infinity War yet? What did you think? What did you like or not like?




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