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Summer Dreaming with Ibiza Ice Fruit Wine

It’s the end of January and holiday websites are already creeping into my most visited sites of 2018 already! I am dreaming of a summer getaway. Dreaming of a trashy chick lit book and a Pina Colada. Last week we were fighting through the snow and with more forecast this week, I will do anything for a little hint of summer. I was so happy when the little ray of sunshine in the shape of a delivery from Ibiza Ice arrived on my doorstep.

Ibiza Ice

Ibiza Ice is a new all natural, low-calorie sparkling fruit wine and is available in two flavours. The White Isle – which is lychee, lime and watermelon flavoured and Sunset which is pomegranate flavoured. The drinks are 5.5% ABV so a nice light drink with no artificial flavourings. Perfect for my Dryer January.

Ibiza Ice - White Isle -Sparkling Fruit Wine


I first tried the White Isle drink – I’ll be honest the description of lychee and watermelon didn’t fill me with high hopes. The initial smell as well I didn’t really have high hopes. However, on first taste, my doubts were cast aside. It was a nice and light flavoured drink. It tastes like a flavoured water drink rather than an alcoholic cocktail. This could be dangerous I know! The Sunset drink was fruitier and more of a bold tasting drink. It’s pomegranate flavours make the wine taste more like a berry cocktail. It is a lot sweeter, but again it is very moreish! The natural flavours do make a massive difference and make the drink enjoyable and not overly chemical or artificial!


Ibiza Ice - White Isle -Sparkling Fruit Wine

The beauty of Ibiza Ice is that it is served in Aluminum bottles with ring pulls. This means it keeps cool in warmer weather and you do not require a bottle opener to enjoy. It can be drunk straight from the bottle or poured into a glass with ice if you are feeling extra fancy. I think this would be a great addition to a summer picnic A nice alternative to the pre-mixed cocktails in a can which are just not nice (yet I always seem to forget this every time I buy one!)


Ibiza Ice is available on Drinks Supermarket as well as Amazon for £3.99. If you are in Scotland it is available at the moment in Spar stores, although I hope it becomes more widely available! I would definitely try it again on a warm summer day.

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