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Hey! What’s Going On? – 6 Month Review

It has been a month since I last wrote anything. The reason for this is twofold – 1 – I have been super busy and 2 – I didn’t feel like it. However, it was a good I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes I feel I need to write a post just because I need to write stuff down. Many a time I write a post and never publish it. Just need to get stuff off my chest. I was inspired yesterday driving home from work and I was thinking I am in such a good place and I want to share it.

I was listening to the BBC Radio – Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside podcast, which is a podcast by Susan Calman the comedian. It came up on my suggested podcast and seemed a logical pick me up after my last one which was The Doorstep Murder (which is another podcast I totally recommend). Mrs Brightside is a series of podcasts hosted by Susan Calman and focuses on mental health but in a comedy way. A lot of what she said resonated with me and made me think about how much I have come on in the last year.

I was in such a rubbish place this time last year and looking back on it I was not a happy person. Even looking back this time 6 months ago I was in such an unhappy place; however, now I am busier than ever and feel super good. I thought I would do a little check-up of my 2018 goals and aspirations.

Back in the era of New Year, New Me I made 5 goals for myself – Read More, Write More, Discover More, Smile More and Make More. Let’s review them shall we?

Read More

According to Goodreads  – I have read 3 Books this year, and we won’t mention one of them I started in September last year. I have about 4 in my started but never got round to finishing yet pile. I went through a phase of being really into reading and Audiobooks however now I’ve migrated across to podcasts. The books I did read were good –  I really loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Audiobook Cover

So maybe 2018 is not the year of reading more… yet! Send me your recommendations though!

Write More

Okay, maybe not again with that. In my defense, I have actually been posting a heck of a lot more on my other blog which is a blog for my real life job as a teacher. I have been writing daily blog posts and catch up notes so I have been writing more just not on here!

Discover More

I mean I have done new things. I have been to Dublin and tried Guinness. I have tried curling. I went to Newcastle. I have tried a lot of new gins. I even tried distilling my own gin. I have been to new restaurants. I even tried to cut open a coconut (and consequently failed so filled it with rum). I went to a music festival and saw Noel Gallagher, my ultimate hero! I was even privileged to be invited to Stephen Hawking’s interment. A year of discovering indeed.

Smile More

I mean ultimately I have done a lot of new things this year. Both personally and professionally and I feel I have worked out what I want to do. I am in such a happier place now and feel like I can smile more and not a fake, grin and bear it smile. It’s a good feeling.

Harry Potter Cocktail Bar Edinburgh.

Make More

My Etsy shop has been open for over a year now and it is certainly growing. It is the right level of busy in that there’s always something to do but not too much that I am stressed with it all. My sales and stats are on the rise and I feel really happy with where I am at with it.

Overall this year has not panned out as I expected but I am in a good place. So sorry for being quiet but I am so super busy living my life and being happy! I will start to share in the more happy moments!

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