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Caorunn Gin Distillery – A Guided Tour

Caorunn Gin Tour

Caorunn is one of the best selling botanical gins in the UK and has grown so much in the past few years. I first went to visit their distillery 2 years ago and went back recently so thought I would update and improve my review of the distillery and Gin.

Caorunn Gin Distillery - Gin Review (Customs and Exiles Office)

Distillery Tour

It has become a bit of a family tradition in our family to hire a lodge in Aviemore or the surrounding area and use that as a base to explore. This year we decided to return to Caorunn Gin Distillery, which is about 20 minutes drive from Aviemore.  Caorunn is distilled in an unused room of Balmenach Distillery in a wee village called Cromdale. Balmenach makes whisky that is then blended to create whiskies.

The tour starts in a wee gin bothy and from there we were taken to the botanical garden where they have the 5 distinctive botanicals that make Caorunn so unique – Bog Myrtle, Dandelion, Rowan Berry, Caol Apple, and Heather. These can all be foraged from 5 minutes walk from the distillery.

Caorunn Gin Distillery - Gin Review (Botanical Garden)

The distillery is surprisingly small considering the size of the brand which I really like. There are not loads of people working there when we went Simon the head distiller was mopping the distillery floor before he was going to take the next tour! The tour has a great interactive part really made it special and different, which was a smell and taste test of the different botanicals. It was a really great chance to fully appreciate the botanicals that makeup Caorunn and how they add to the flavor.

Caorunn Gin Distillery - Gin Review Gin Distillery

Finally, the tour is wonderfully rounded off with a “Perfect Serve Gin and Tonic” back in the Bothy and a chance to shop. The shop sells the most beautiful Caorunn branded items including glasses, cocktail stirrers and a scarf with the unique Caorunn tartan, that only seem to be available at the shop. They all have the distinctive rowan berry star on them. A little bonus is we were lucky to recieve a bag of the botanicals that were used in a distillation and so our Gin Bar now has Caorunn flavoured Pot Pourri!

Caorunn Gin Distillery - Gin Review - Gin Bar Pot Pourri

If you are ever up in the area you should definitely book on the Caorunn distillery tour you will not be disappointed. The tour only costs £10 and it is really worth it!

If you have not yet tried Caorunn Gin, I highly recommend it. Try it 50/50 with tonic and sliced red apple. Most gin bars and even some Wetherspoons seem to stock it. Try it neat first and then with tonic! If not you can buy it below from Amazon.

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