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Dry(er) January with Fentimans Soft Drinks

Ah, January, the month of New Year New Me, #fitness and detoxing! I know a few people completing dry January or in my case Dry-er January. It’s dry January without the pressure. I am so used to being off work or having a few friends round and cracking open a bottle of wine. Diluting juice just doesn’t quite cut it. That’s why I was delighted when Fentimans kindly sent me a hamper of drinks to test out this January.

Dry January - Fentimans Soft Drinks

Firstly can I say top marks for presentation, the drinks came in a wicker hamper filled with straw. I was so excited when I got home to open it! In the hamper, there was a selection of different drinks in their new bottles. You may know Fentimans mixers as being in the green bottles, however, they have recently had a makeover and are now clearer. I much prefer this I think it looks classier and the Pink Rose Lemonade especially adds a lovely pop of colour to our bar. I love the Victorian style branding too, it’s vintage chic.

Dry January - Fentimans Soft Drinks

You may know Fentimans as being a good mixer – their tonics are lovely and I have always sworn by premium tonic with premium Gin.  However, the Fentimans soft drinks are so drinkable on their own too. The Curiosity Cola is really tasty, even those who don’t normally tend to like cola find this very refreshing. Same with the Victorian Lemonade which is more like a cloudy lemonade. It’s the perfect drink for those who are designated driver and are sick of Diet Coke after Diet Coke. We’ve all been there, it sucks!

If you are completing Dry January it is important to differentiate between everyday drinks and ‘treat’ drinks. That’s why I have been pouring my Fentimans into my nice wine glass or prosecco glass. It makes it feel more special and like a treat. In the hamper, there was also a bottle of House of Broughton Elderflower Syrup. This tasted so yummy with the Rose Lemonade and some mint in it. It’s amazing how much difference a little syrup can make to a drink!

Dry January - Fentimans Soft Drinks

This just goes to show that Dry January doesn’t have to be a dull January. Treat yourself every once in a while. Are you taking part in Dry January? How is it going?

*NB I was gifted the hamper by Fentimans to feature. All views are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.




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