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My Edinburgh Photography Tour Experience

Edinburgh Photography Tour

This weekend I wrapped up warm and headed up Calton Hill in Edinburgh to meet James, who was going to take me on a photography tour of Edinburgh. I was a little apprehensive at first as I only have a compact camera; thinking this tour was maybe going to be too advanced for my camera. Also, I thought, I’ve lived in and around Edinburgh for most of my life. I don’t need to know much more about it! I was glad to be wrong on both parts.

Edinburgh Castle - Juniper Daze

James was very approachable and helped me setup my camera, taking the time to explain to me what the settings are and what they mean. There were me and another person on the tour, he too was a local who wanted to know how to use his camera. We started by taking pictures of the National Monument – going a little off the beaten track to make our pictures interesting and have depth. James showed us the difference between Auto and Manual modes- and how dramatically different it makes the pictures.

Edinburgh SkyLine

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

We walked around learning about the History of different parts of Edinburgh; I learned a lot that I never knew! I also saw a lot of things I never noticed. I suppose when you live in a city you never really notice things. We also learned about different concepts and ideas: including the rule of thirds, abstract photography, and composition lines.

ToolBooth Dynamic Earth

Abstract Photo
Abstract Photo

John Knox's House, Edinburgh

The tour lasted 5 hours and in this time I felt myself getting more and more confident as I was going on. My compact camera was good, although I have since realised now I’ve gotten home I had a smudge on my lens. I definitely have the bug for doing more photography and possibly even upgrade my camera to a DSLR.

National Monument

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

If you are wanting to get to grips with your camera I would definitely recommend this tour; you will leave it knowing how to actually use your camera and get great shots. If you are visiting Edinburgh, it’s a great way to see the hidden parts of Edinburgh. I am going to return to some of these points when I have cleaned my lens or got a new camera and the sky isn’t so cloudy!

Burns Memorial

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

You can find out more information about the Tours

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

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  1. This sounds like a great way to learn more about Edinburgh and photography. Can we see more of your pictures? I love Edinburgh and would like to see more

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