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How to survive Edinburgh’s Amazing Hogmanay Street Party!


Hello and a Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great time over Christmas and New Year. I spent my New Years Eve or Hogmanay as they say up here at the street party in Edinburgh. This was my first time going despite living just outside Edinburgh all my life. I am glad I finally got round to doing it.

There were 75,000 people all expected to descend on Princes Street.  With others going to other parts including the Old Town Ceilidh and the Concert in the Gardens. We faced the initial dilemma of how we were going to get home at the end of the night. I contemplated driving and then a taxi, which was going to be pricey. Hotels were charging over £200 for the night, so that wasn’t going to be an option. Luckily, we found a room at an Innkeepers Lodge, the day before. The bonus being it included a buffet style breakfast in the Toby Carvery downstairs. The breakfast included Yorkshire Puddings! Top Tip: If you are traveling outside of the City of Edinburgh- it’s cheaper to get an Uber home rather than a black cab. Even with the surcharges.

Bothy Bar - Edinburgh Hogmany - Juniper Daze

We headed into town about 7:30 and went for a walk round the market and Princes Street. There were four stages: a traditional Scottish music stage; a cheesy disco music stage; a Jazz and Blues stage and the Waverley Stage. This stage had music from The Charlatans, Be Charlotte and Fatherson. We decided to hang around near the cheesy disco stage. Because we were early enough we got a great view of Edinburgh Castle and into the Concert in the Gardens. Top Tip: Have a wee look at the timings and decide what you want to see beforehand. Make a rough plan. 

The good thing about the street party was you could bring your own drink in. We did, however, run the risk of not getting back to our spot if we went to the toilet. I stopped drinking quite early because I feared the state of the Portaloos and the thought of walking through the crowds. Top Tip: Scope out the toilets beforehand and pace yourself! 

Bothy Bar - Edinburgh Hogmany - Juniper Daze


There were fireworks every hour from 9 till the big show at midnight. These were impressive! I am not normally a firework fan. But even the wee short bursts every hour were brilliant as you can see from my photos. I have had to borrow a few photos from my husband as my phone died at 11:59 pm despite it having at least 50% battery. You will also notice the photos I took because they all have a No Parking sign in them that obstructed my view a little. The midnight fireworks and laser show was awesome, perfectly set to music! Top Tip: Try to get a good spot for this. They don’t show them on the big screens. So don’t stand by a screen expecting to see the action! 


The bands were good. I really enjoyed Lemon Haze, who were the winners of a competition to support Paolo Nutini. They had a nice feel-good vibe, the sound like another band but I cannot work out who it is. Vegan Leather were also good but I think I preferred Lemon Haze. Lightning Seeds were a bit of a strange choice I thought. I didn’t think I’d heard of any of their songs except “Three Lions on a Shirt” which they did not play. It turns out I had heard of a few of their songs, but I think their songs sounded all a bit too similar. Sorry to any Lightning Seeds fans! I was looking forward to Paolo, I love his music and thought yes this will be the perfect New Years Party. I was slightly disappointed though. Paolo changed some of his songs like New Shoes, Jenny Don’t be Hasty and Pencil Full of Lead into a more slowed down funk style. Don’t get me wrong it was good music, but really on Hogmanay, you just want a good sing along and dance. Top Tip: Don’t get too hyped up about the main band, instead explore new music on the other stages.

Overall it was a brilliant time we had and I would definitely go back depending on the headliner.



4 thoughts on “How to survive Edinburgh’s Amazing Hogmanay Street Party!

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun!!! I love the photos attatched even the parking sign one haha. Awesome that there were fireworks every hour as well as the big show at midnight!! Awesome time had!

  2. This sounds like fun! I love Paolo Nutini. I went to a gin bar with my family. If you’re ever in Birmingham, check out 40 St Paul’s – you’ll love it! So many gins. Hoping to visit Scotland this year, as my good friend moved there and I haven’t seen her for a year! xx

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I love Paolo Nutini. I spent mine at a gin bar with my family. If you’re ever in Birmingham, check out 40 St Paul’s – so many gins. Hoping to visit Scotland this year, as my good friend moved there and I haven’t been able to see her for over a year.

  4. Oh wow this sounds like the loveliest way to spend New Year’s Eve! And in such a beautiful place as well ☺ It’s so lucky you guys managed to find somewhere to stay the night and so last minute as well! Edinburgh is somewhere I’ve only been once for a day trip from Durham but I fell in love with the city straight away! I can just imagine the lovely energy and vibe there must have been on New Year’s Eve! ? xx

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