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Edinburgh Gin – Gin and Distillery Review

Hello! Today’s gin review is Edinburgh Gin! Which is one of my favourite gins. Here’s my overview of the various delights Edinburgh Gin offers. Along with their story, how to serve and most importantly where to buy!

Edinburgh Gin Flat Lay

The Story

Edinburgh Gin’s a product of the Spencerfield Spirit Company, a family owned company. The company originally made whisky but in 2010 they made the right choice to move into Gin production. You can read more about them here. 

The Gins

Originally there was one Gin created, A London Dry. I learned on my tour here that London Dry is what the majority of gins are, it’s to do with the distillation process. This Gin has 13 different botanicals including Licorice Root, Lemongrass, and Lavender. To me it has a very citrus taste, tasting clean and fresh not flowery like some gins can be.

Edinburgh Gin

Also available are Cannonball Gin – which is a naval strength (57.2%) sipping gin. This has been created to be drunk neat. It is nice neat but I much prefer it diluted down a little. If you are a whisky drinker though and enjoy a stronger drink this is the one for you!

Edinburgh Gin creates different Gins for different seasons. The Include Valentines, Christmas and Seaside Gin

Edinburgh Christmas Gin

They also make Gin Liqueurs in varying flavours. Including Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger, Elderflower and Plum and Vanilla. At only 12% proof these can be drunk neat but can also be mixed into cocktails (read more about this later!)

For a small distillery – the product range is impressive and delicious too! I was extremely happy to sample these on my recent tour!

The Tour

The tours take place in the heart of Edinburgh, in a basement in the West End of Edinburgh. It is mad to think that a working distillery can fit in such a tiny place. The distillery design is quite hipster looking. It is built into the basement and there are a few drinking booths built into the vaults. This is why some of my photos are dark. Although it looks dark when you are there its atmospheric dark not creepy dungeon dark.

Edinburgh Distillery

There are three different types of tour available -one lasts 3 hours and allows you to make your own Gin! We were on the Gin Connoisseur one. Our tour guide Natalie was lovely and welcoming.  We were invited to sit in the bar area to hear about the history of Gin. It is such an interesting story about Gin’s colourful history (I won’t ruin it!) We also got to see, smell and taste the botanicals that go into the Edinburgh Gin.

Next, we went into the actual distillery, which is tiny. There are two stills, Flora and Caledonia and not a lot of room for much else. We got right up close and personal with the stills and distillation process. It’s mad to think the bottles that you buy in the supermarket are made in this tiny room.

Still - Edinburgh Gin

The tutored tasting session was impressive. Natalie talked us through the Gin and Tonic, Cannonball, Christmas Gin as well as the liqueurs. The one thing I loved was the fact that you all sat around the table sampling gins. You were meeting new people as well as sampling beautiful gins.

Edinburgh Gin with Garnish

It was a brilliant tour, although admittedly we left a lot ‘merrier’ than when we went in. There is a shop on site to buy your favourites, with 10% off and as part of the tour, we got to choose a 20cl bottle to take home!

The Serve

The recommended serve is Ice, Fever Tree tonic and an Orange Garnish. The orange does make a difference to the taste and enhances the gin flavours.

Edinburgh Gin

The Cocktails

Any of the liqueurs taste beautiful with Prosecco, Cava or Sparkling Wine. My favourite is the Raspberry Liqueur with Prosecco – a Kir Royale. Also, I am led to believe the liqueurs taste lovely with sorbet and ice cream! Which I am all for!

Plum and Vanilla Edinburgh Gin

The Christmas Gin tastes lovely with Ginger Beer. This was not something I would have thought of matching with gin before but it is my new favourite winter gin! It also works well with Apple Juice.  My husband is not a big tonic fan so this is his preference. You need to be careful not to put too much apple juice in though otherwise you may drown out the gin!

The Cannonball can be sampled straight. Although the addition of Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur takes the edge off if you need to dilute it!

The Bar

The best thing about this distillery is that at night it becomes a bar, Heads and Tales. Every time I have been out in Edinburgh it has always been full so I would recommend you book in advance. It looks like it would be brilliant to be in as the distillery is so atmospheric.

Heads and Tales Bar

The Further Details

For further details on how to book a tour or to purchase your own gin to sample look here .

Although I know you can buy Edinburgh Gin in most larger supermarkets!

Thank you to the wonderful team at Edinburgh Gin for hosting me on my tour! I will be posting some more cocktails and ideas throughout January on my Instagram page.



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