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How to have a Fantastic day at Disneyland Paris!

“The Happiest Place on Earth”

Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth! Except for the one time, I got a little tired and cranky! Before I went I did a little bit of research into visiting Disneyland and so this is a collation of my different top tips for having an ace day out at Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris

1 Buy Tickets in Advance


This may be obvious to many but as soon as you book your travel tickets. Or you know you are going to Paris; start comparing prices! We went via 365 tickets and got money back on Top Cashback. We only booked a few days before we went and by the time the e-tickets came we were in Paris so had to find a printer. Anyway, the prices only get more pricey so keep an eye out for deals!

2. Get to the Park for Opening

Walt Disney Studios

The park is open early but the rides aren’t open but you can join the queue for your preferred ride and so you can basically walk right on the ride. It also means you have the whole day in the parks.

3. Plan Ahead

Mad Hatter

This tip goes with the one above. Plan where you want to go in advance and then work around this. I knew I wanted to go on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower Terror; so we went to the Studios first. We weren’t too fussed for other rides so anything above that one was a bonus.

4. Take Food and Drink with you

Storm Trooper

Take a few snacks with you to give you an energy boost through the day. Even if it is from the wee newsagents at the train station- it’s cheaper than in the park. Also, keep a water bottle on you; there’s a lot of water fountains you can refill with around the park. Saves a bit of money that you can spend on souvenirs.

Chez Remy

5. Take a small bag

Mary Poppins

Be minimalistic with what you are taking. You have to take your bag on every ride, just wedged in there with you on the seat. So make sure it zips up and can be stuffed into small places. I took a Cath Kidston bag. Even better find a Mary Poppins style bag that holds everything!

6. Make use of the Single Riders Queue

Parade - Finding Nemo

For some rides, they offer a Single Riders Queue. We used this for Crush’s Roller Coaster and waited 10 minutes instead of over an hour. We got on one after each other so we weren’t waiting around. It’s good if you are not too bothered about going together. Also whilst I am on it – Never trust the Queue times they say!

7. Use the Fast Pass Facility

Most of the bigger rides have a Fast Pass opportunity. This means you scan your ticket and get a pass to come back at a later point. We used it for Indiana Jones – Which by the way is really not worth the long queues! We also had one for Star Tours but never actually used it. The fast passes run all the way up until the park closes at 10 pm!

It's a Small World!

8. Queues are Boring

Buzz Lightyear Queue

Queues can get boring –  even for adults. Bring something to entertain yourself; have a power bank with you to charge your phone. Perhaps you could download your favorite Disney songs – start a sing-song and spread the happiness. I did get so bored and annoyed I went a bit mad Scottish lady on the railroad worker.  Also, a few of the bigger rides were closed for technical difficulties when we were there so just be aware of that!

Queue Selfie

9. Get a good spot for the Parade/ Illuminations




Check the Parade times and get a good spot. We stood just next to the gates to Fantasyland. It was good as we had a nice clear view down the street so we weren’t straining or necks. We got there about an hour early and one of us went for an ice cream. It was so worth it – I loved the Parade! For the Illuminations, I recommend getting their early too. Although we were a bit late so stood at the top of Main Street near the exit so we could make a swift exit for the train. You make that call yourself!

Singing in the Rain

10. Soak up the Atmosphere

Walt Disney Studios

There is so much to do and see. Take some time look around wander around. There are such amazing details everywhere in Disneyland it’s incredible. Take time to soak it up. You never know who you might see! Go out to the Disney Village for food and the shop there is a little more room. One thing that was good was my husband wanted a t-shirt but they never had it in his size at this shop but they just called another part of the park and got one sent over in minutes! Here are some little-known facts about Disneyland to whet your appetite!

Disneyland Paris

Tinkerbell Lampost - Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult

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