My 2018 Pledge: Discover More

If you’ve been keeping up well done! Here we are on day 4 of consistently blogging. Pretty impressive I know! I’m taking you through my 5 Pledges to myself for 2018. So far we have had Read and Write. Today it’s all about discovery

Today’s idea is I want to Discover More! By that I mean I want to just try out more stuff, visit more places, do things I wouldn’t normally do that sort of thing.Here is my list so far – somethings are maybe not as exciting as others but they are all on my to try list.

Go to a sushi bar

I love Sushi. My Husband not so much, although I’m still dubious on whether he has actually tried it or not! I really want to go to a Sushi bar with the revolving conveyer belt of food. I’ve never been and my husband always finds an excuse. So this year I am going to discover a new restaurant!

Visit a new island

In the last 2 years, I have discovered some of Scotland’s islands on a wee adventure. 2016 I went to Orkney and Shetland and then this year we went to Harris, Lewis, and Skye. I love visiting the islands of Scotland and the varied landscapes and wildlife on them. I mean okay I’m not an avid birdwatcher but there are something that are pretty cool. Like Orca and Puffins. I think we are going to go back to Orkney this year but I think we are going to aim to go to some of the other islands. Although I of course wouldn’t say no to discovering Ibiza or one of the Greek islands.

Try out Yoga

I’ve always wanted to go to Yoga. I just never got round to it. I feel it may be my sport. Last year I tried roller skating, this was not my sport! They have Yoga at my gym but it’s at really awkward times and the class is always so busy. There must be a yoga class in my town though because I see people carrying around Yoga mats. I really must investigate that!

Go watch a movie in a foreign language

I have an Odeon Limitless card and so I do go to the cinema about once a week. I tend to however only stick to the mainstream blockbuster films. I want to change that be a bit more diverse. I watch all TV and Movies with subtitles on anyway as my dyslexia means I have trouble processing spoken words as quickly as they are said. And with the Limitless I have pretty much already paid for it so I have no excuses right?

Visit my neighborhood

This is a bit of a lame one. I moved to a new area about a year ago. I basically know how to get to the supermarket and the local takeaway. I know there are loads of nice walks and cycle routes around me I just have never really explored them. I need to just embrace the unknown and get lost for a bit. There’s a massive country park next to me which I have been to twice in the year I have been here. It’s silly I know!

Find new Bands

Record player

I got a record player for my Christmas. I love it and have ordered some albums in the sales. Including Paul Simon, Nirvana Unplugged, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 1. As well as this I have subscribed to 3 months of Stylus, which is a monthly record subscription where they send me a record each month. I am excited to receive my first album and hopefully discover more music.

Watch more movies from IMDB list

This was my first ever blog, me working my way through classic films that I should have seen but hadn’t. It started with me writing a list full of recommending films and then blogging my way through them. Thoughts I had whilst watching… Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc. I may even repost some of the classic films, but I am going to work my way through the list this year so look out in the not so distant future for an upcoming post!

I’m sure this list will expand as I go through the year. I am thinking about sorting out my blog categories into these 5 Pledges just so I’m tracking how much I’ve achieved. Do you have any other suggestions of things I should try to discover in 2018. Maybe classes, videos, you-tubers, bloggers. Send me your goals or aims lists for 2018!



1 thought on “My 2018 Pledge: Discover More

  1. im planning on taking up yoga in 2018 as well, something ive been meaning to do for month actually. my friend recommended ’30 days of yoga’ to me – a series on youtube which im gonna give a whirl in january. good luck to you too!

    wishing you all the best for 2018 lovely! ♥

    katie. xx

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