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What do we eat for Dinner? Easy Evening Meal Inspiration

Every so often I got through a bit of a lull. I feel like I am eating the same meals week in week out. We have staples that are simple and yummy to cook but I like adding in the occasional curveball. That’s why I thought this post may be helpful for others and hopefully inspire others to try our favorite meals in exchange for your favorite recipes/ meals! It’s like a good ole’ fashion recipe exchange. Also if you try any recipes and love them, let me know! I have tried to include links to recipes where I could but ultimately I am not a measuring type, much to my husband’s annoyance!

5 Quick, Easy, Tasty Dinner Recipes.

Messy Meatball Buns

Messy Meatball Buns - Jamie Oliver- Easy Dinner Recipes
Photo Credit: Jamie Oliver

This is a Jamie Oliver Recipe. I seriously recommend his book 5 Ingredient Meals. The meals are super simple and tasty. I didn’t really like Jamie Oliver before. This was the first book I bought after a hungover Sunday morning watching his Channel Four show. Luckily that means that some of the recipes are on the Channel Four website; like the Messy Meatball Buns. 

Basically, it is super simple but we simplify it even further by buying meatballs. You basically fry them off, add a tin of chopped tomatoes, add some pesto cook it off. Stick a bit of mozzarella cheese on the top and serve on a brioche bun with pesto spread in it. It’s super simple and so tasty. We often serve it if we have people around as its a perfect put the pot in the middle of the table and dive in type of meal.

Mango Chicken Curry

Mango Chicken Curry Recipe - Easy Dinner Ideas

I am not sure where I picked up this recipe but it is super simple too. Fry off an onion in a pan, you can also add an optional chili or two, add in some chopped up chicken and cook through. Add a whole jar of mango chutney and a cup of stock (don’t add too much stock just enough to break down the tackiness of the chutney). Leave to simmer and then a few minutes before serving to add coconut milk, stir through until warm. Watch with the milk that you don’t crank up the heat too much and it curdles. Serve with rice, naan bread, and yogurt.

Lemon Courgette Pasta

Lemon Courgette Pasta- Jamie Oliver - Easy Dinner Recipes
Photo Credit:

This is another Jamie Oliver recipe that could be so simply adapted to your tastes and preferences. Basically cook some linguine or spaghetti, save the water from it for later. Thinly slice some courgettes and fry them off in a deepish frying pan if you have it. Add a generous handful of chopped mint, the juice, and zest of a lemon and some parmesan cheese. Add some of the cooking water and the pasta, give it a good stir and serve! Jamie says it takes 15 minutes, it’s maybe more like 25 but super simple and tasty!

Simple Slow Cooked Fajitas

Fajitas - Slow Cooked - Easy Recipes

I mean most people love fajitas right? I will normally prepare my veggies the night before and bung them in a bag to go in the slow cooker before I go to work. There is a whole range of fajitas seasonings and marinades available so I recommend getting one of them. I also highly recommend Slow Cooker Liners. They are wee plastic bags you can put in your slow cooker to save you having to wash the pot! So basically to make my Slow Cooked fajitas I normally have veggies, seasoning and I use boneless chicken thighs as I feel they cook better in the slow cooker and are juicier than breasts. I normally also throw in some chopped tomatoes and lazy garlic for good measure. Nothing like coming in from work to Fajitas.

Creamy Sausage Carbonara

Jamie Oliver Sausage Carbonara - Easy Dinner Recipes.
Photo Credit:

I feel like I am becoming some sort of Jamie Oliver ambassador, but honestly, this is a really good recipe too. Again cook up some spaghetti or tagliatelle and save some of the cooking water. Next is a bit of a messy part, you have to squeeze the meat out of sausages and make little sausage balls from them. (A veggie alternative could be the Quorn Swedish meatballs) You cook these off. In a mixing jug or bowl, add some chopped parsley and egg, parmesan cheese and some of the pasta water. Beat that together. Add in the pasta, egg mix and some more of the pasta water to the sausage pan and stir in (off the heat so you don’t get pasta omelette) Serve with extra parmesan cheese. This is a proper good comfort meal!


I do recommend the Jamie Oliver recipe book as it has so many more recipes than online, but the website is just as good to begin with! I do however highly recommend a Slow Cooker  (which you can pick up for about £20) and Slow Cooker Liners, they are the Life Changers! If you are still looking for dinner inspiration I suggest you read my Simply Cook review and my Indian Feast ideas.


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