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My Exciting First Experience at the Horse Races.

Musselburgh Races, January 2017

One of my New Years resolution’s was to go outside my comfort zone and try new things. Not only for blog content but also to broaden my horizons! A few weeks ago, after a few gins, I agreed to go to the Horse Racing with my cousin and his fiancee. It wasn’t till I checked my Google calendar a few days later I remembered this!

We went to Musselburgh Races on the 3rd January. It was slightly chilly but I was prepared with my hat scarf and gloves! It is normally to be £20 to get in but I still have my YoungScot card and got in for £16! The racecourse was bigger than I expected, with several bars, restaurants, and stands. We got a good spot at a bar at the top of the grandstand. This meant we could watch the horses from inside rather than stand in the bitter cold.

I don’t really understand horses, odds, races or betting and only tend to bet on the Grand National. This year the Grand National was on our wedding day and so our guests had a sweepstake running on who would win. Anyway, we went in with cash so we knew exactly how much we had spent and had to spend. There are lots of different bookies with big screens with their odds. It was a bit daunting to start with but you soon get in the habit of it.

We never went with the intention to win big. Or at all. We wanted to have fun and fun we had! It was thrilling choosing a horse based on their names or colors and cheering them on! Putting a £1 each way bet on and just going with it. If they won, even better! The most I won was £17 on one horse! It was mega exciting!

There is such a good buzz about the place. I think if you go not betting your life savings away and know when to stop you can have a cracking day out! I want to go back in the summer when its a bit warmer and I can wear nicer clothes!

Winning Horse


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