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How to have an Awesome Day Out in Glasgow

A Day Out In Glasgow - A Guide to some of the Tourist Attractions in Glasgow

“This year I want to travel and discover new places”

I’m starting small and so I discovered a new place. Just along the M8. Glasgow!

You may be thinking Glasgow isn’t exactly an exotic land, but I have not been there that much. I am an Edinburgh gal. I think you either are an Edinburgh or a Glasgow person. I have only been to Glasgow a few times, mostly for shopping. I thought I would go and explore the city a little bit more before I fully wrote it off.


Getting There and Around

First thing’s first. There is no direct train from Fife to Glasgow. This is annoying – also the bus was going to be pricey, so we drove instead. We then had to work out where to park that would let you park for more than 4 hours. The only place I could think of was the SECC/ Hydro. You can park there for 12 hours for £8 so not too bad and at least sort of central.

We decided the night before to book one of the City Sightseeing Bus Tours. I like these tours when you go to a city more just to give yourself a good layout of the city. I know they are cheesy – I enjoy this! It is much better when there is a live guide on board rather than the headsets. Especially this one, it kept giving a fact but no extra knowledge. That and the playing of an awful lot of terrible cheesy Scottish music got slightly annoying.

We bought our tickets in advance and found a voucher code so the tickets for the whole day on the bus were only £10 each. It saved us trying to work out how to get from one place to another. It also meant we saw more of the city than we probably would have chosen to do on our own.

Riverside Museum


Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Our first stop was the Riverside Museum. I had heard it was good but wasn’t entirely sure what it was. It is primarily a transport museum. The museum has won several awards and I can see why. There is a model street from the Victorian era, with shops and even a subway station.  There is a lot of interesting facts and lots to read. I wasn’t really in a reading mood, but you could spend ages here. You then go into the main hall where there are a lot more modern modes of transport. Again there was plenty to look at, you could even go on the Tall Ship outside. I never as it was too rainy. The highlights for me were: one of the oldest Rolls Royce cars; the Tall Ship and the best part – the actual Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I had a total fan girl freak out moment. You could easily spend hours in this museum but we were conscious we wanted to go elsewhere. The best part about this museum (and all the museums in Glasgow) is that they are free!

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Subway Glasgow


Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

Kelvingrove Heads

Next stop was the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. There are lots of really cool things in here too. Some of my favorites were the Ancient Egypt section that had an actual mummy in it! The Evolution display gave great examples of how animals have evolved.  We were lucky enough to hear the impressive organ being played.  My favorite piece and the thing I was looking forward to seeing was the Floating Heads. I have seen them on TV and in pictures for years and always wanted to see them. They are cool but slightly creepy too; all 50 heads have different expressions on them. It’s a cool idea. Again we could have stayed so much longer at the Kelvingrove but we were hungry. Sorry culture, you’ll have to wait a Lil’ bit.

Kelvin Grove Organ, Kelvin Grove Museum, Glasgow

Mother India, Argyle Street

Mother India Glasgow

We were walking along Argyle Street looking for something to eat and we came across Mother India. I remember hearing about this place so we went in. It was a very friendly restaurant, the wonderful smells hit us on walking in. It was really busy and shortly after we arrived there was a queue at the door, always a good sign! It was a tapas style menu between us we ordered: Garlic Chilli Chicken, Lime and Ginger Lamb, Keema Pakora, Garlic Naan, Rice, Poppadoms and Spiced Onions. It was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten. I never wanted to stop eating the food. The lamb was so beautifully cooked. The chicken was so tasty. Even the spiced onions were special. It was so delicious and fresh and quite reasonably priced too. £25 for the two of us, which I think is good value for an Indian. There are a few locations across Glasgow. I recommend this 100%.


People’s Palace and Winter Garden

People's Palace and Winter Gardens Glasgow

This was our last stop on our tour. This was a complete whistle stop tour. It was later in the day so we were conscious of beating traffic on the way home and getting the last tour bus back to our car. We spent half an hour in here, could have spent a few hours. This is a museum dedicated to the people of Glasgow. It is filled with stories from the locals, including celebrities and just regular folks. There were costumes from Rab C Nesbitt, Billy Connelly’s Banana Feet, to stories of people living in tenements. My favorite parts were: a retro bath and shower that seemed to have more features than my shower; the replica Barrowlands sign, and a posing pouch from the early days of Ann Summers. Bit random but yeah, welcome to Glasgow! The Winter Garden is a giant conservatory attached to the palace where there are lots of different plants to see. As I said, we had a short time here but wished we had more time.

Fancy Bath

Ann Summers Posing Pouch

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

This concludes my wee review of my day out in Glasgow. I have changed my mind, it is more exciting than I thought it was. I still stand by my argument though that it isn’t as easy to navigate around as there’s not a giant hill or castle to get your bearings with.

Have you been to Glasgow or are from there? What else should I go visit next time I’m there?

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