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Juniper Bar, Princes Street, Edinburgh

I have been a little quiet on the blogging front recently! I have moved house and now settled in so back to the writing board! My husband and I decided to treat ourselves last week with a date afternoon in Edinburgh. We went for a few drinks at Juniper Bar in Edinburgh.

Juniper is situated in Hotel Indigo (formerly known as the Great British Hotel). As the name suggests they have an extensive Gin Menu, although it is not exclusively a Gin Bar! I know the bar is very popular so I booked ahead and glad I did! We were seated in a lovely booth off to one side of the bar that had a great view out onto Princes Street and up to the castle. It was a perfect intimate seat for date night.

Gin and Tonic, Juniper Bar Edinburgh

We decided to go for the recommended serves instead of the cocktail as we have heard they were amazing! I love a cocktail as much as the next person but sometimes the cocktail flavors overpower your drink. You can tell these serves are perfectly thought out and compliment the flavors. It is not just a regular G&T.

Gin and Tonic, Juniper Bar Edinburgh

We started with an Edinburgh Gin Cannonball and an Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin. Both were so delicious. The Cannonball was served with rosewater lemonade, orange peel, and pink peppercorns. The Arbikie was served with Mint. Our second round we tried an Eden Mill Love Gin, served with rose petals and strawberries and a Daffy’s, served with Lime and Mint. All the drinks were heavenly but I would say my favorite was the Cannonball.

Gin and Tonic, Juniper Bar Edinburgh

The bar serves ‘Street Food’, this seems to be a seasonal changing menu. They were still serving the Christmas Street Food menu when we went in January. I am guessing this will change soon. We ordered some Haggis Sausage Rolls, which were lovely, some fries with cinnamon on (in all honesty they sounded fancier on the menu, but chips and chips!) and goats curd and fig bruschetta. This was gorgeous!

Daffy's Gin and Tonic - Juniper Bar Edinburgh

This was a great date night! Although it definitely is a special occasion place. The 4 drinks and 3 plates of food cost £45. Although they were gorgeous and it is worth paying for a gin to be served correctly, it is somewhere I would maybe go when I am feeling fancy!

Read More about Juniper here!

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