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Cromwell Gin: A Review

Hello! Welcome to March and with a new month, there is a new gin! This month we are focusing on Cromwell Gin! You may not have heard of Cromwell Gin before now, but it should be on your to try list. It has been voted on various panels as being a great tasting gin. Including these panel tests by the Telegraph and Good Housekeeping. The surprising part – it is budget supermarket Aldi’s own brand of Gin and it’s only £10! This review will take a slightly different form to the other ones as there is obviously no tour or back story. Unless you would like me to take you on a tour round my local Aldi store.

The Gin


The Gin is not overly floral. Instead, it is crisp and citrus tasting. It is a great tasting Gin, both with tonic or lemonade or as part of a cocktail. I pair it with lime, lemon or orange to bring this citrus flavor out in it.

I recently got given the Pop-A-Balls from a friend and tried the gin with the lemon bubbles, elderflower cordial and soda water. It was deliciously refreshing and I cannot wait for the summer to come around to drink this in the garden soaking up some rays! If you haven’t tried the Pop-A-Balls you need to! They are wee balls filled with different flavors that you add in to drinks and so when you drink your drink the balls pop in your mouth giving you an explosion of flavor in your mouth!


The Cocktail

For a recent party I had I used the Gin as a base for one of our cocktails. I own too many teapots to count and so I decided to use them to serve up some cocktails. This one was called “Earl Grey will see you now” – see what I did there?

The Recipe

I soaked an Earl Grey tea bag in one measure of Cromwell Gin overnight. I then removed the tea bag, added lemon slices, ice and 5 more measures of Cromwell Gin. I topped it up with 3 measures of Elderflower cordial and soda water. I then served the gin in teacups with a slice of Orange.

The drink was delicious and I think I ended up having to top it up about 5 or 6 times. My guests were loving it too!

I highly recommend you give this Gin a try! I know the price may put you off as there are some ‘budget’ gins that taste like paint stripper but honestly trust me on this!




4 thoughts on “Cromwell Gin: A Review

  1. Ooh this sounds so good! I love your writing style in this review and I love the photographs you have included! I can’t believe this is from Aldi! This sounds great for putting in cocktails so I’ll definitely be picking this up next time I have a cocktail party!
    H x

  2. I really like this gin, it’s only the second one I’ve tried but it tastes lovely and the price is great! I can’t wait to try this cocktail!

    Hollie |

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