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Caorunn Gin – Review


Welcome to another month! Hope your May is fabulous and you are enjoying the sunnier weather! Sunny weather means you have to keep cool, means more gin, right? This month our Gin is my husbands personal favourite – Caorunn.

The Story

Caorunn Gin - Gin of the Month

Caorunn is distilled in Balmenach Distillery, which is predominantly a whisky distillery. It came about because there was some spare space at the distillery and the owners decided to jump on the Gin bandwagon and utilise the space! Aren’t we glad they did! The gin is made with local botanicals that are all found within five minutes of the distillery.

Balmenach Distillery

The Gin

Rowan Berry Botanicals

Caorunn is Gaelic to mean Rowan Berry which is one of the Scottish Botanicals. The gin includes six traditional botanicals (juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, angelica root, cassia bark) as well as the Scottish botanicals including rowan berry, heather, dandelion and coul blush apple.

These give the gin a nice crisp taste – it is not a floral gin.

The Serve

Caorunn Gin - Perfect Serve

The Gin is perfect served in a glass of Ice with tonic and a sliced apple garnish. It also tastes good with lemonade or my personal favourite Apple Juice (although be careful not to drown it)

The Gin is also nice in the winter served with a glass of warm apple juice like a Hot Toddy.

The Tour

Gin Tour - Caorunn

I went on the tour last year for my birthday. The tour is one of the best one’s I have been on. They restrict the tour to 8 people at a time. You are introduced to the history of Gin in the ‘Gin Bothy’. After you are taken to a Botanicals garden and shown the various botanicals that make up the gin and then you get to visit the actual distillery. Here you complete a smell and taste test of the gin and it’s botanicals and shown how it is produced. Conclusively this is one of the best Gin tours I have been on. I think the interactive part really made it special and different, which was a smell and taste test of the different botanicals. This was great but also I got really competitive with my own family members. It does make you realise everything that is in Gin and only having whisky tours to compare it too, makes it look so simple but also amazing.

Finally, the tour is wonderfully rounded off with a “Perfect Serve Gin and Tonic” back in the Bothy and a chance to shop. Luckily for me, my dad bought me lots in the shop as a birthday present. I am most excited about lighting my Caorunn candles!

Gin Bothy - Caorunn

Further Details

The Gin is readily available in most supermarkets and features on Wetherspoons Gin Palace Menu too! I highly recommend you try it! You can find out some more details and more cocktail recipes here! 




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