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Caorunn Gin Distillery- A Guided Tour

For the Love of Gin

If you don’t know much about me, the one thing you must know is I love Gin. I remember the first time I had a G + T was during freshers week at university, since then I have loved it.

In the last 5 or so years, it seems as is Gin has exploded onto the scene. There seems to be a new distillery opened practically every week. I love this and of course trying out all the new gins I come across! Caorunn is by far my favourite gin. Mostly, I love how the gin has apple as a botanical and is often served with Apple Juice, try it next time you are out you will not be disappointed. I was surprised to find that Wetherspoons serves Caorunn with Apple!

Caorunn Gin Bothy - Juniper Daze

Distillery Tour

We were staying in Aviemore and went up to the distillery, myself and my family. We were the only ones on the tour. Firstly we were taken into a wee “Gin Bothy’ and told about the history of gin. The guide Emma was really informed and lovely. We then went to the botanical gardens, there are 5 Scottish botanicals that are in Caorunn gin. They are all foraged from within 5 minutes walk of the distillery. I think this is pretty cool.

Caorunn Gin Botanical Gardens - Juniper Daze

We learned that the whole process of making gin sounds so simple. It has got my scientist husband thinking we might be able to make our own! So keep your eyes posted for that blog post on our first batch of gin! Conclusively this is one of the best Gin tours I have been on. I think the interactive part really made it special and different, which was a smell and taste test of the different botanicals. This was great but also I got really competitive with my own family members. It does make you realise everything that is in Gin and only having whisky tours to compare it too, makes it look so simple but also amazing.

Finally, the tour is wonderfully rounded off with a “Perfect Serve Gin and Tonic” back in the Bothy and a chance to shop. Luckily for me, my dad bought me lots in the shop as a birthday present. I am most excited about lighting my Caorunn candles!

Caorunn Gin and Tonic The Perfect Serve- Juniper Daze

If you are ever up in the area you should definitely book on the Caorunn distillery tour you will not be disappointed. I will be posting some Caorunn cocktails as I try them.


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