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Camera Obscura, Edinburgh – A Local’s Guide to this awesome Day out!

The Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

Last week My husband and I decided to take a wee visit to the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. This is where we went on our first date many years ago! Now we are married! Seemed a great choice for our date day out! Unfortunately, I can’t find any photos from that date!

Views From Camera Obscura Edinburgh

The Camera Obscura is situated at the top of the Royal Mile, next door to the Castle. It has been there since the Victorian era and is the oldest purpose-built visitors attraction. Even though it is hundreds of years old it is still pretty impressive!

There are 5 floors of exhibitions, we started at the top which is the viewpoint and the Obscura show. We were given a time when we bought our tickets. It was a beautiful crisp day, as you can see from our photos you could see for miles from the rooftop viewpoint. There are binoculars available up on the rooftop. (unlike most visitor attractions they are free to use!)

For the ‘show’ you go into a pitch black circular room with a white circle table in the middle. Through some magic of mirrors and lens, the image is then projected onto the table. It is clear as day as if you were looking through a camera projection. It is mad to think this technology is hundreds of years old! The show lasts about 10 to 15 minutes as you are given a whistle-stop tour of Edinburgh and beyond!

After the tour, you then descend down the stairs through the different floors of exhibits. There are loads of different things that appeal to all ages. Things like optical illusions, cameras, holograms, light shows. There are tons of things to do! It definitely takes a few hours to go around it all. It’s a great interactive place!

We even had time to renew our vows! They have an AutoWed Machine. For £1 you can get married or renew your vows, you even get rings and a certificate! If only we knew that sooner, could have saved a fortune!

Auto Wed

If you are ever in Edinburgh, this is definitely a must visit attraction. It isn’t too touristy or cheesy, instead, it is really fun and provides great memories!

More Information

For more information see here! 

Thanks to the Camera Obscura for inviting me along to visit as part of this review!


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