Pizza Express Edinburgh: Date Night

Pizza Express Queensferry

Pizza Express Queensferry

My husband and I try to go on a date night once a month. We tried to do Alphabet Dates but kept forgetting what letter we were on! Last weekend we went for a meal out in Edinburgh followed by a few drinks. We went to Pizza Express in Queensferry Road in the West End of Edinburgh. I love Pizza Express – the food is always so tasty and the service is always so good.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

There is a new summer menu at Pizza Express and included on this are some summer cocktails. I tried both! First, there was the ‘Gin Spritz’ – which was Bombay Sapphire gin served with a Cucumber and Mint Belvoir Presse. It was nice and refreshing but I thin cucumber is such an acquired taste, you either love it or hate it. The second drink I tried was the Hugo St. Germain – this was Prosecco with Elderflower liqueur, lemon, and mint. This was my favorite of the two. I could drink this all day. Again I think Elderflower is one of them tastes you either love or hate but I think it is perfect for the summer.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

For starters, my husband and I shared the Dough Balls Doppio. I love the dough balls at Pizza Express. They are the best starter there, especially with the various dipping sauces- Pesto, Garlic Butter and ‘pestorissa’, a harissa spiced tomato dip. I think the sharing portion was perfect for 2 to share and although there were other wonderful sounding starters like the Antipasto or the Bruschetta. I wanted to make sure I left enough room for the main course!

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

I opted for the Zapparoli which is described as ‘Chicken, hot soft ‘nduja sausage, mozzarella, garlic oil and Gran Milano cheese on smoky, creamed corn, finished with red Roquito pearls and parsley’ It was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten! It was so flavourful, in fact just writing this post I am dreaming of the taste of the pizza again. This has been the first pizza in ages that I ate the whole thing! The red Roquito pearls were my favorite bit of the pizza – they should be on every pizza in my opinion! My Husband had an American Pizza on a classic base. He loved it and ate up every last bit of it too! Must have been good.

The great thing about Pizza Express is it caters for all; there was a whole range of groups in from birthday celebrations, to large groups and families with young kids. We were on a date night and it and still felt intimate enough. That is the worst thing I find with eating out, sometimes you feel like you are just another customer of a generic chain restaurant company. The menu has something for everyone and the food always tastes so fresh.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

For pudding, I opted for the Coconut Delight – described as “Two scoops of intensely creamy, dairy-free, coconut sorbet, made with coconut milk and coconut pieces, served with fresh mint”. I am a massive coconut fan but I wasn’t so sure about this – it tasted like it had a little too much desicated coconut in it.  I couldn’t eat it all. However, it’s great to see more dairy-free options on the menu as someone who sometimes needs to go Dairy Free. This would be nice blended up as a summer cocktail too!

My husband is a self-confessed chocolate addict so naturally, he went for the Chocolate Fondant ‘PizzaExpress’ described as “A rich and intense warm chocolate cake with a soft melting center, served with vanilla gelato, fresh mint, and icing sugar” for me after a big meal I couldn’t imagine chocolate. But he said it was amazing – admittedly it did look really good!

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

Overall the service and experience at Pizza Express was amazing. The new summer menu all sounds so delicious that I need to go back and try out the other new dishes on offer. There is a lot more on offer for Vegans and the great thing about Pizza Express is that it also caters for Gluten Free diets too. The Pizza Express in Queensferry Road is great as the back door exits straight into the beer garden of Indigo Yard – which is perfect for after dinner cocktails and it is a short walk away to Gin71 which is where we ended up before our carriage (Uber) whisked us away!

You can check out your nearest Pizza Express and the full menu here! 


*Thank You to Pizza Express for inviting me to try out their new summer menu. My meal was complimentary as payment for this post, however, all views and opinion are my own.


Restaurant Review: The Raj, Edinburgh


Indian food is my favourite. I could eat it all day every day, I love how flavourful it is. I was also thinking the other day how bland looking and tasting traditional British Food is.


I recently was invited along to try out the new menu and visit the new restaurant. The Raj is a well established Indian, recently relocating from Leith to Blackhall. Blackhall is a 15 minute bus ride out of Edinburgh city centre and there are buses every few minutes. So it’s really handy to get to!

The Raj, Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

We received a warm welcome and were impressed by the restaurant. The menu was impressive, there was almost too much choice, everything sounded so good!


Whilst we were waiting for our starters we had poppadoms and chutneys. We got a tray with 5 chutneys. Mango Chutney, yoghurt and coriander, mint sauce, spiced onions and my personal favourite an Apple Chutney which is made on the premises. I used to never be bothered about chutneys and poppadoms however I definitely recommend them here purely for the Apple Chutney!





For starters,  I opted for the Mysore Bonda, which is deep fried potatoes with a coconut chutney. I am a glutton for anything coconut flavoured. These were so tasty. They tasted a bit like a donut, that kind of batter. Matched with the coconut Chutney it was delicious. My husband opted for samosa. It was also delicious. The waiter also brought us their speciality dish, Lal Michi, this was chopped marinaded chicken (although also available with lamb) with mango chutney and spices and served on an onion Bhaji.  This was one of the best Indian starters I have ever had. The flavours were wonderful and although there was a spice it wasn’t over powering.


I tried the Mango Lassi, which was delicious and you could tell was very freshly made! I love lassi, it’s a bit like a fruity youghurty drink if you’ve not tried one, I highly recommend it! I also had a half pint of Kingfisher, it wouldn’t be an Indian without beer right?



For mains, I opted for the Aromatic Lamb, on the waiter’s recommendation. Lamb is not something I normally order although I’m really starting to get into it! This lamb dish was again so flavourful, it came in a dish with spinach, mushrooms, and garlic. I know I keep saying that it was so flavourful but it really was. It wasn’t like sometimes at Indians when the spices overpower the flavour and so your mouth is on fire and you cannot taste anything. My husband had the Chicken Patia, this is his normal favourite and he was not disappointed here. We ordered a naan and rice between us which was plenty, in fact, I even took some of the curry and naan bread home for leftovers.





After the meal we were brought a dessert plate, this was a plate with fruit, custard, and various baked fruit tasters. Although I was stuffed full this was a nice small plate. This is complimentary to all diners and is a welcome addition. In addition to this, all diners are also offered a complimentary liquer or liquer coffee. This is an excellent touch and shows what the Raj is all about. Great customer service and great authentic South Asian food!


The restaurant has a buffet on a Sunday and Monday, which is £10.95 for the choice of over 50 dishes. This may be the way forward as there is so much good food on the menu. I will definitely be going back to The Raj and recommend you go too!

For more information see

*Please note I was invited along for a complimentary meal at The Raj to review their new menu. Views and photos are my own.

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A Visitors Guide to Aberfeldy, Perthshire

Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy

A few weeks ago my family and I went on a wee trip away to Aberfeldy, Perthshire. The drive up there was gorgeous, through the rolling hills and we had beautiful weather which made it all the better. Here I am going to share about a recent trip to Aberfeldy and some top tips.

The Drive Up
The Drive Up

Where to Stay in Aberfeldy

Ducks at Moness Resort, Aberfeldy
Ducks at Moness Resort, Aberfeldy

We stayed at the Moness Resort, which is just on the outskirts of the town. Moness is a resort that has cottages and hotel rooms to stay in. It also has a Spa, Swimming Pool and restaurants so is great for a family getaway. We (5 adults and 1 child) stayed in a 2 bedroomed cottage, which had a double en-suite room, a twin room and an open plan living room/ kitchen which had a sofa bed in it. The cottage was really spacious and had a great outlook onto the hills surrounding Aberfeldy.

The Courtyard, Aberfeldy
The Courtyard, Moness Resort, Aberfeldy


Cottage at Moness Resort in Aberfeldy
Our Cottage

We made great use of the swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. The pool was nice a warm and the facilities really clean. It was a good spacious spa area and was quite relaxing despite the number of kids! One disappointing thing I would say is you are not allowed to use the swimming pool after check out. Check Out is at 10 am which is a complete rush in the morning and so no way are you going to be able to get up, packed and manage to squeeze in a swim in the morning. This is the second time we have stayed at Moness and I would say is one downside is the rushed check out.

There are other places in town some lovely B&B’s and Hotels. I know my family always stay in The Townhouse which comes highly recommended although I’ve never stayed there. The campsite isn’t bad either.

Where to Eat in Aberfeldy

Beer Garden, Juniper Daze
Beer Garden

The great thing about Moness is it is within a walking distance of the town centre. We went for a walk down into town, looked at a few of the shops and ended up in the Black Watch Pub. It has a beer garden and on this particular day was a sun trap. We sat out all day and had our evening meal here. Most of us ordered steak and it was delicious! The waiting staff were really attentive and it was a great evening.  My mum’s family comes from Aberfeldy and everyone we came across was so friendly.

Apart from the Black Watch, there are a few other pubs which serve food. I have eaten in The Fountain and Schihallion and both were good. The Indian, Chillies is also lovely and I would recommend.

What to Do in Aberfeldy

One place we did visit was the Highland Safari Visitor Centre, this is a great place. It has something for everyone. There is the opportunity to go on a 4×4 tour of the surrounding area – I have been on this tour before and it was excellent, although we did have nice clear weather. At the centre, there is deer centre, a nature trail, an owl experience as well as a park and cafe.

We had a shot at Gold Panning. When I read about gold panning, I thought it was something pre-engineered for kids. I was surprised to find that instead we actually got a bucket full of what looked like sand but when you cleaned it under running water there were all sorts of precious stones. We went thinking my 4-year-old nephew would love it, but he ended up hanging out in his ‘headquarters’ in the park whilst us adults panned for gold. Unfortunately, we didn’t find gold but did find a whole load of other stones like quartz and amber.

Deer at Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy
Deer at Highland Safaris,
Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy
Highland Safaris
Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy
Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy
Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy
Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy

On the Sunday morning when we were there, there was a farmers market in the town square. It was nice to have a wander round and I ended up buying a few locally sourced products. Including Chutney, Cheese and a bottle of Eden Mill Gin! Of Course!

Birks O' Aberfeldy
Birks O’ Aberfeldy

There is the Birks O’ Aberfeldy to walk up if you’re feeling athletic. I still haven’t gone all the way up them yet but keep meaning to do so! There also is some other great walks around here, as well as Dewar’s World of Whisky if you’re into that. Nearby Pitlochry is also lovely for walks, sightseeing, and shopping.

Where to Book

I highly recommend a visit to Perthshire and Aberfeldy in particular. Moness is a great place to base yourself, there always seems to be deals on Groupon etc. But I would recommend looking to book directly too as I’ve always managed to get some great deals.

The Highland Safari 4×4 trip needs to be booked in advance but you can go to the visitors centre without booking.

(Note: I was not asked by any companies to promote their services on this blog. I am however happy to visit places and write honest reviews about them on my blog – check my contact page!)

The View from Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy

My Edinburgh Photography Tour Experience

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Photography Tour

This weekend I wrapped up warm and headed up Calton Hill in Edinburgh to meet James, who was going to take me on a photography tour of Edinburgh. I was a little apprehensive at first as I only have a compact camera; thinking this tour was maybe going to be too advanced for my camera. Also, I thought, I’ve lived in and around Edinburgh for most of my life. I don’t need to know much more about it! I was glad to be wrong on both parts.

Edinburgh Castle - Juniper Daze

James was very approachable and helped me setup my camera, taking the time to explain to me what the settings are and what they mean. There were me and another person on the tour, he too was a local who wanted to know how to use his camera. We started by taking pictures of the National Monument – going a little off the beaten track to make our pictures interesting and have depth. James showed us the difference between Auto and Manual modes- and how dramatically different it makes the pictures.

Edinburgh SkyLine

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

We walked around learning about the History of different parts of Edinburgh; I learned a lot that I never knew! I also saw a lot of things I never noticed. I suppose when you live in a city you never really notice things. We also learned about different concepts and ideas: including the rule of thirds, abstract photography, and composition lines.

ToolBooth Dynamic Earth

Abstract Photo
Abstract Photo

John Knox's House, Edinburgh

The tour lasted 5 hours and in this time I felt myself getting more and more confident as I was going on. My compact camera was good, although I have since realised now I’ve gotten home I had a smudge on my lens. I definitely have the bug for doing more photography and possibly even upgrade my camera to a DSLR.

National Monument

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

If you are wanting to get to grips with your camera I would definitely recommend this tour; you will leave it knowing how to actually use your camera and get great shots. If you are visiting Edinburgh, it’s a great way to see the hidden parts of Edinburgh. I am going to return to some of these points when I have cleaned my lens or got a new camera and the sky isn’t so cloudy!

Burns Memorial

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

You can find out more information about the Tours

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old for Lego

I am a self-confessed AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), there’s a real life acronym for it and everything! Admittedly the box does say 4-99 but I think you can still play after your 100th birthday – You are only as old as you feel right? I love Lego and cannot resist a visit to the Lego Store whenever I see one. For my 24th Birthday –  I flew to London and went to Legoland. I had the best time!  Here are reasons why Lego is the greatest.

Me in Legoland on my Birthday – With my Birthday Badge!

It Fosters Creativity

In an age where we are all robots, conforming to how we are expected to be and act the way we are supposed to act. Lego gives an escape to your childhood and those days when you had ideas of your own.

Science Says So

Scientists have said that Lego is good for you. It boosts your cognitive thinking and makes you smarter. Apparently!

It’s Stress Busting

Lego is escapism. It helps stress bust, it takes you away from the worries of everyday life. I know a few people who use lego as a stress buster.

Fun for all Ages

Lego brings together people from all generations together. Nothing breaks the ice like a box of Lego. Everyone will love Lego.

My Lego Minifigures from Paris
My Lego Minifigures from Paris

It’s a good investment

Lego can be expensive but you do get your money’s worth. It lasts for years and is basically a family heirloom.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing beats that satisfied feeling you get when you finish a lego project! It’s the ultimate sense of accomplishment.

Amsterdam Lego

There are some reasons why Lego is a great hobby to have. There are so many Lego events on this summer with Brick Live in Glasgow in July and Brick City at New Lanark from June to August. The event at New Lanark looks awesome and I am definitely going to head along this summer. There will be a lot of different models to see and the chance to build your own! The events are not just for kids, although there are lots of kids events – remember Lego is for all ages. So embrace your inner builder and break out the Lego! See  for more details on the exhibition and I recommend you book tickets as there are some days already sold out!




The Whistle Stop Barber Shop, Edinburgh

Whistle Stop Barber Shop Edinburgh

On a recent sunny day in Edinburgh, my husband and I tried out a relatively new restaurant  – The Whistle Stop Barber Shop. The WSBS is located on South Bridge in the Old Town, near the National Museum. We got an excellent deal through – 15% off our bill and a free cocktail on arrival!

Whistle Stop Barber Shop Edinburgh

The service we received was amazing, from a friendly welcome to the waitress talked us through the menu, made recommendations but without being false or scripted. We got the choice of 5 cocktails for our free one, I went for a Gin based one and my husband a rum based one. We later ordered another cocktail each too. They were also very tasty! The restaurant is decorated like an old American prohibition barber shop, which seems to be the in thing at the moment. The best thing about it, however, was the fact that there was an actual barbers shop downstairs.

Whistle Stop Barber Shop Edinburgh

The food was amazing though – We shared the Buffalo Chicken Nachos. These were some of the best nachos I have ever eaten! The chicken was so so tasty! I am going to try to make my own buffalo chicken some day soon! The nachos were served on a baking tray adding to the hipster vibes. For mains we went for a burger and a sandwich- I had the Joey Tribbiani Sandwich and my husband had the Angry Onion as recommended by our waitress. Both were so delicious! The meals were really filling which is a shame because I really wanted a pudding as the first tow courses were so tasty!

Whistle Stop Barber Shop Edinburgh

I definitely will be back, even just for a drink – but most likely for the Buffalo Chicken! I could not fault it –  but I would say make sure you book ahead on 5pm so you can get the discount and cocktail – everyone loves a freebie right?!


Find Out More

Find out more about The Whistle Stop Barber Shop


The Avengers Assemble in Edinburgh – Filming Locations

AvengersFilm LocationsInEdinburgh


Edinburgh is currently buzzing. We are going mad for The Avengers at the moment. They are filming Avengers: Infinity Stone in the city. I went up to see what was going on the other night so thought I would share what I saw.

I headed up to Cockburn Street where they have cordoned off some of the streets and redone some of the shops. It appears that the scenes that they are filing involve someone flying out a window. In the crowd we were speculating whether it was Captain America and his shield or perhaps Hulk smashing through. We are not quite sure yet.

When we went they were just testing lighting and setting up the scene when we went. It was so so cold! The police were there keeping crowds under control. They were also quite good at telling us what they could, that they knew there wasn’t going to be much happening tonight. Although saying that it is sort of addictive standing around, watching people mill around. Especially when a van or lorry comes you can’t help but look in to see what they brought.

We eventually wandered down to Waverley Station – there is a new area there that is completely transformed with an Italian coffee shop, benches, phone boxes and fake adverts. The thing that the adverts told us is that the film will definitely be set in Edinburgh as the fake posters are for Edinburgh Castle etc.

I think filming is going to be on for the next few weeks and so I think I will pop up another few times. Especially if Chris Hemsworth will be there! Even Robert Downey Junior. Or Scarlett Johansson. No wait Chris Pratt is my dream guy. Okay, in all honesty, all the superheroes are pretty fine! I am such a Marvel Geek. It is so exciting the Avengers are in Edinburgh!

See all my Photos from the set and a handy filming guide that has been circulating Twitter.


Date Ideas in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle - Juniper Daze

Date Ideas in Edinburgh

Whether you have just started going out or been married for years it is always nice to go out on a date. My husband and I try and go out on ‘dates’ every few months. It’s nice to make a wee bit of an effort and go out! Here I have written a wee list of ideas on where you can go for a date in Edinburgh. This will hopefully give you some inspiration for Valentine’s day or any other time of the year.

Places to Go

Edinburgh has some lovely romantic places to go for date night. There are great places for cute romantic walks, like the Royal Botanic Gardens and Holyrood Park. If you are feeling adventurous you could even climb up Arthurs Seat, just like in the movie One Day. On a clear day the views from the top are stunning. If you are not keen on walking really far Carlton Hill also offers some great views. I highly recommend booking on a Photography Tour for something a little bit different to do.

Edinburgh SkyLine

If walking is not your thing, I recommend the Camera Obscura, which is a perfect first date location! There are loads of fun things to do that would break the ice and awkward tension, if the date is going really well you can even get married at the end. Read about my recent visit here! 

Camera Obscura Views

In town there are also fun activities like going on a tour of Edinburgh Gin Distillery (for a little dutch courage) or even the Edinburgh Dungeons (if unlike me you are not scared of the dark so much you have a panic attack midway through the place!)

View from Camera Obscura

Outside of town you could visit somewhere like Murrayfield Ice Rink or even Ryze, a trampoline park. These would all be great things to do on a first date. I like a date where you are doing something it helps fill awkward silences and makes memories.

Places to Eat


If you fancy something quite fancy I recommend Taisteal in Stockbridge. This is definitely a restaurant to impress! The food here is delicious and the venue is beautiful. If you fancy trying something a little different try Voujon. This is a Bengali/ Indian restaurant in the Newington area of Edinburgh. It serves some gorgeous food and even has a special set meal for two people! Whistle Stop Barber Shop  is great for casual drinks and nibbles too

Places to Drink

The Beehive in The Grassmarket
The Beehive in The Grassmarket

There are loads of places in Edinburgh to go for a drink. It is all dependant on your budget too! There are a lot of great pubs in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh, if you fancy a traditional pub style outing. There is Juniper on Princes Street which is perfect for beautiful drinks in a classy location. Juniper also serves gorgeous street food. If you fancy something a little bit different I recommend Panda and Sons, which is a prohibition themed bar, decorated to look like a barbers shop from the outside!

Whatever you do on Valentines day or any other date night for that matter make it a good one! Remember to book ahead wherever you can! Make memories and put your blooming phone away!

(Some of the places featured on this page, I was invited to review as part of a collaboration. All views are my own however)


Voujon Edinburgh, A Delicious Dining Experience

Voujon Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

Nestled on the south side of Edinburgh on a relatively busy road is Voujon, a Bangladesh and Northern Indian Restaurant. I love Indian food, I genuinely could eat it all day every day. I had heard good things about Voujon so we decided to go check it out.

Voujon Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

There was a very extensive menu, with lots of classic dishes as well as specialties. I opted for a Panee Puri for starters. This was a vegetarian dish, pastry puffs filled with chickpeas, potatoes, red onions, and coriander. The dish was served cold with a spicy sauce. The waiter explained that they were best eaten with your fingers. You put the whole thing in your mouth and bite. They were completely different and I wasn’t too sure at first but actually, they were really tasty! My husband opted for Chicken Pakora, which he said were also delicious. Even the pre-starter poppadoms with pickles were delicious. The spiced onions had chopped up cucumber in it which was a nice difference.

Panee Puri

Chicken Pakora

The whole restaurant had an air of sophistication about it. It wasn’t a typical Indian. It was more of a fine dining experience. For mains, I ordered the Chicken Shahi Chasni – which is like a sweet and sour curry. Chasni is my favorite curry and although there were lots of dishes on the menu I fancied trying I couldn’t resist a Chasni. It was gorgeous, really flavourful and the chicken was so tender. My husband had the Katmandu Chicken Delicacy, I couldn’t resist a wee taste, it was also so delicious. The Keema Naan was also so tasty. I was so stuffed I even had to take away a doggy bag!

Curries at Voujon, Edinburgh

Naan Bread

The nice thing about the menu is that there were so many different options, you could just order a meal for 2 and the chef would cook you a whole meal based on your tastes and likes. This takes the stress out of ordering and also pushes you out your comfort zone a little. I think I will do that next time I go!

Voujon is on Newington Road, which is a main bus route out of Edinburgh so it’s really easy to get to. It’s a perfect location for a date, a family meal or even a bigger celebration as they have a ‘party area’ towards the back of the restaurant. The waiters were very attentive and explained different parts of the menu to us and gave some recommendations. It is definitely worth a visit!


Voujon, Newington Road, Edinburgh


I would like to thank Voujon for inviting me along for a meal in order to write this post. This review is still an honest account of my visit.

Camera Obscura, Edinburgh – A Local’s Guide to this awesome Day out!

Views From Camera Obscura Edinburgh

The Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

Last week My husband and I decided to take a wee visit to the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. This is where we went on our first date many years ago! Now we are married! Seemed a great choice for our date day out! Unfortunately, I can’t find any photos from that date!

Views From Camera Obscura Edinburgh

The Camera Obscura is situated at the top of the Royal Mile, next door to the Castle. It has been there since the Victorian era and is the oldest purpose-built visitors attraction. Even though it is hundreds of years old it is still pretty impressive!

There are 5 floors of exhibitions, we started at the top which is the viewpoint and the Obscura show. We were given a time when we bought our tickets. It was a beautiful crisp day, as you can see from our photos you could see for miles from the rooftop viewpoint. There are binoculars available up on the rooftop. (unlike most visitor attractions they are free to use!)

For the ‘show’ you go into a pitch black circular room with a white circle table in the middle. Through some magic of mirrors and lens, the image is then projected onto the table. It is clear as day as if you were looking through a camera projection. It is mad to think this technology is hundreds of years old! The show lasts about 10 to 15 minutes as you are given a whistle-stop tour of Edinburgh and beyond!

After the tour, you then descend down the stairs through the different floors of exhibits. There are loads of different things that appeal to all ages. Things like optical illusions, cameras, holograms, light shows. There are tons of things to do! It definitely takes a few hours to go around it all. It’s a great interactive place!

We even had time to renew our vows! They have an AutoWed Machine. For £1 you can get married or renew your vows, you even get rings and a certificate! If only we knew that sooner, could have saved a fortune!

Auto Wed

If you are ever in Edinburgh, this is definitely a must visit attraction. It isn’t too touristy or cheesy, instead, it is really fun and provides great memories!

More Information

For more information see here! 

Thanks to the Camera Obscura for inviting me along to visit as part of this review!