Pizza Express Edinburgh: Date Night

Pizza Express Queensferry

Pizza Express Queensferry

My husband and I try to go on a date night once a month. We tried to do Alphabet Dates but kept forgetting what letter we were on! Last weekend we went for a meal out in Edinburgh followed by a few drinks. We went to Pizza Express in Queensferry Road in the West End of Edinburgh. I love Pizza Express – the food is always so tasty and the service is always so good.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

There is a new summer menu at Pizza Express and included on this are some summer cocktails. I tried both! First, there was the ‘Gin Spritz’ – which was Bombay Sapphire gin served with a Cucumber and Mint Belvoir Presse. It was nice and refreshing but I thin cucumber is such an acquired taste, you either love it or hate it. The second drink I tried was the Hugo St. Germain – this was Prosecco with Elderflower liqueur, lemon, and mint. This was my favorite of the two. I could drink this all day. Again I think Elderflower is one of them tastes you either love or hate but I think it is perfect for the summer.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

For starters, my husband and I shared the Dough Balls Doppio. I love the dough balls at Pizza Express. They are the best starter there, especially with the various dipping sauces- Pesto, Garlic Butter and ‘pestorissa’, a harissa spiced tomato dip. I think the sharing portion was perfect for 2 to share and although there were other wonderful sounding starters like the Antipasto or the Bruschetta. I wanted to make sure I left enough room for the main course!

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

I opted for the Zapparoli which is described as ‘Chicken, hot soft ‘nduja sausage, mozzarella, garlic oil and Gran Milano cheese on smoky, creamed corn, finished with red Roquito pearls and parsley’ It was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten! It was so flavourful, in fact just writing this post I am dreaming of the taste of the pizza again. This has been the first pizza in ages that I ate the whole thing! The red Roquito pearls were my favorite bit of the pizza – they should be on every pizza in my opinion! My Husband had an American Pizza on a classic base. He loved it and ate up every last bit of it too! Must have been good.

The great thing about Pizza Express is it caters for all; there was a whole range of groups in from birthday celebrations, to large groups and families with young kids. We were on a date night and it and still felt intimate enough. That is the worst thing I find with eating out, sometimes you feel like you are just another customer of a generic chain restaurant company. The menu has something for everyone and the food always tastes so fresh.

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

For pudding, I opted for the Coconut Delight – described as “Two scoops of intensely creamy, dairy-free, coconut sorbet, made with coconut milk and coconut pieces, served with fresh mint”. I am a massive coconut fan but I wasn’t so sure about this – it tasted like it had a little too much desicated coconut in it.  I couldn’t eat it all. However, it’s great to see more dairy-free options on the menu as someone who sometimes needs to go Dairy Free. This would be nice blended up as a summer cocktail too!

My husband is a self-confessed chocolate addict so naturally, he went for the Chocolate Fondant ‘PizzaExpress’ described as “A rich and intense warm chocolate cake with a soft melting center, served with vanilla gelato, fresh mint, and icing sugar” for me after a big meal I couldn’t imagine chocolate. But he said it was amazing – admittedly it did look really good!

Pizza Express Queensferry Pizza Express Queensferry

Overall the service and experience at Pizza Express was amazing. The new summer menu all sounds so delicious that I need to go back and try out the other new dishes on offer. There is a lot more on offer for Vegans and the great thing about Pizza Express is that it also caters for Gluten Free diets too. The Pizza Express in Queensferry Road is great as the back door exits straight into the beer garden of Indigo Yard – which is perfect for after dinner cocktails and it is a short walk away to Gin71 which is where we ended up before our carriage (Uber) whisked us away!

You can check out your nearest Pizza Express and the full menu here! 


*Thank You to Pizza Express for inviting me to try out their new summer menu. My meal was complimentary as payment for this post, however, all views and opinion are my own.


Embracing the Selfie with The Cotton Co’s Selfie Bag.

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag

Selfies have totally taken over. I still feel I need to fully embrace them. I always get a bit awkward when taking a selfie and hate asking people to get together for a picture too. You may have seen that when Alas, I need to embrace photos more as I do love looking back over photos to remember moments in time.

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
The Cotton Bag Company kindly sent me a Selfie Bag to help with perfecting a selfie. The bag is a gorgeous pattern design that has an inbuilt pocket for valuables, a pocket for your selfie stick to make sure it is always at reach. The bag also has a unique reflective sheet that means you can hold under your face to ensure the perfect lighting each time for a selfie!

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
To begin with, I wasn’t sure about the logistics of holding the sheet up to your face and holding the phone in your other hand to take a picture but a little practice and you get there. The bag comes with a guide in order to get the perfect selfie – here’s a tip I recently picked up – instead of Cheese you should say Mocha for a smile and Prune for a pout. I tried both and still looked like Chandler Bing but you can try it!

The bag is very roomy and perfect for taking on day trips in the summer holiday. I am going to take it when I go on my tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands this summer and perfect my selfie even more!

Where to buy a Selfie Bag

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
I love the unique and different idea of this bag and it would make a perfect gift for the aspiring Kim Kardashian in your life who loves a good Selfie. You can purchase the bags here  If Selfies aren’t your thing they are pretty bags that would be great on holiday too!

Thank You to Cotton Bag Co. for allowing me this opportunity to try out the bag and celebrate National Selfie Day.

My Date with a Book – Crafting Kates Etsy Shop Review

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

I have lost my reading mojo at the moment. I just cannot get into books or I am too tired to read. I think it is because I am not giving myself time to read. Does anyone else feel like that?


A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

I, therefore, have forced myself into having some me time and had a Date with a Book, thanks to Crafting Kate. Kate creates a “Date with a Book’ set. Which is perfect. In the box – I received a hand wrapped book, label with a quote, bookmark, card, a handmade crochet coaster and arguably the best part – a Teabag! This was perfect and looked so cute I didn’t want to open it –  but then the other part of me was desperate to find out who my hot date was going to be!

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

I popped the kettle on and settled in with a chilled out playlist and unwrapped my book to find a Collection of Robert Browning Poems. Initially, I wasn’t so sure, I wouldn’t choose to pick up a poetry book. I haven’t read a poem since school, you know when you have to over analyse a poem so much down to the minute details of what the writer had on their sandwich the day before they wrote this poem. I think that took the joy of out poetry for me.  But then it dawned on me that is the beauty of these mystery packages. You find something you wouldn’t normally go for. I did try to read some but I don’t think poetry is for me, that was until my husband came home and saw I had a Robert Browning book. He studied Porphyria’s Lover at school. We read it and talked about how strange a poem it is, I even read the Spark Notes on it. Therefore the book was good at sparking an educated conversation with my husband.

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

The other great thing about the Date with a Book is that the book has a great vintage look to it. Which I am totally into. I love anything a bit quirky looking and so will display the book proudly on my bookshelf. The crochet coaster has been admired by many coming to my house too. It is the lasting memory of a great date! I may have to go for a second date soon!

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

More Information

You can find Kate’s Etsy Store at CraftingKates. Kate is a fellow Etsy store owner and so we exchanged products in order to give each other a little boost and a different audience. Thanks, Kate.

You can check her out on Twitter and Instagram.


Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old for Lego

I am a self-confessed AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), there’s a real life acronym for it and everything! Admittedly the box does say 4-99 but I think you can still play after your 100th birthday – You are only as old as you feel right? I love Lego and cannot resist a visit to the Lego Store whenever I see one. For my 24th Birthday –  I flew to London and went to Legoland. I had the best time!  Here are reasons why Lego is the greatest.

Me in Legoland on my Birthday – With my Birthday Badge!

It Fosters Creativity

In an age where we are all robots, conforming to how we are expected to be and act the way we are supposed to act. Lego gives an escape to your childhood and those days when you had ideas of your own.

Science Says So

Scientists have said that Lego is good for you. It boosts your cognitive thinking and makes you smarter. Apparently!

It’s Stress Busting

Lego is escapism. It helps stress bust, it takes you away from the worries of everyday life. I know a few people who use lego as a stress buster.

Fun for all Ages

Lego brings together people from all generations together. Nothing breaks the ice like a box of Lego. Everyone will love Lego.

My Lego Minifigures from Paris
My Lego Minifigures from Paris

It’s a good investment

Lego can be expensive but you do get your money’s worth. It lasts for years and is basically a family heirloom.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing beats that satisfied feeling you get when you finish a lego project! It’s the ultimate sense of accomplishment.

Amsterdam Lego

There are some reasons why Lego is a great hobby to have. There are so many Lego events on this summer with Brick Live in Glasgow in July and Brick City at New Lanark from June to August. The event at New Lanark looks awesome and I am definitely going to head along this summer. There will be a lot of different models to see and the chance to build your own! The events are not just for kids, although there are lots of kids events – remember Lego is for all ages. So embrace your inner builder and break out the Lego! See  for more details on the exhibition and I recommend you book tickets as there are some days already sold out!




Why You Should Consider Buying an Amazon Echo.

Why You Should Consider An Amazon Echo

After a year of marriage and recently buying a 3 bedroomed house together, there was only one natural progression for me and my husband. Buy an Amazon Echo. We had leftover wedding vouchers and decided that we would bring Alexa into our lives.


What is the Amazon Echo?

If you’re not sure what the Amazon Echo actually is, allow me to explain. It is a speaker with a microphone that can follow instructions and do simple things. It is the beginning of Artificial Intelligence. Like Jarvis from Iron Man. At £150, she is quite pricey but after looking into her features a bit more it is clear that she is only going to improve as technology improves. We have her on a wee table in our hallway halfway between our Kitchen and Lounge, she can be heard throughout the house. Notice how I refer to the Amazon Echo as she – she really does feel like part of the family

How do we use Alexa?

The best feature that we use is her music playing ability. You just need to say ‘Alexa’ play me some music and she will create a playlist based on previous artists you’ve listened to. We subscribe to Amazon Music, although she also playing music from Spotify. You can also ask her things like ‘play party music’ or ‘dinner party music’. There is also a limited amount of songs you can stream for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member. The sound quality is brilliant and the 360 degrees speakers mean that the sound travels well.

Alexa is learning skills all the time. Amazon sends updates regularly to tell us things that she can do. In the morning I ask her ‘What’s New?’ and she reads me a flash briefing- these are sound bites that I have requested she tells me – right now it is BBC headlines and the Weather although you can add in lots more. She can tell you information about the traffic if you commute.

What else can she do?

Alexa can control your Hive heating, she can order Uber Taxis and soon will be able to do things like your banking and paying bills. She can play games with you, read your audiobooks and can set timers. I don’t think I have fully unlocked all that Alexa can do yet. The initial £150 outlay I think is worth it as since we got our Alexa, the skills that she has learned has improved massively. If you already have a good sound system then there is the Amazon Dot that can connect with your speakers. There’s also the Amazon Fire Stick that syncs with Alexa, meaning she will control your TV. Remotes are so last century.

How Could Alexa Improve?

The one downfall is she is not yet portable. You can buy third party battery packs but I think I will wait a wee while and see if Amazon bring out an official battery pack for her. She is getting better with her voice recognition. My nephew went a bit in the huff because she doesn’t understand when he calls her ‘Wexa’. But she will learn!


Where do you get Amazon Echo?


If you are interested in trying the Amazon Echo out or seeing what music is available I have a link here which will give you a 30 day free trial of either Prime or Amazon Music or both. They are available in most electrical stores or from Amazon themselves – Amazon sometimes has a deal on normally at holiday times for about £10 off. Or they also sometimes have a refurbished ones for discounted prices.




Thoughts I had Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Gif

I have just spent the last 6 months of my life watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and whilst I was watching I kept a few notes on what I was thinking. This page may contain spoilers, although I probably am one of the last people remaining to watch it! It also gives me an excuse to put all the GIFs in. Like this one of Jess! <3



How do they afford things?

They seem to always be eating out, buying things or going places. Yet Lorelai seems to always refuse her parents money. I can’t imagine she would make an awful to of money, yet they seem to be able to live in a relatively big house in quite a nice area.

How does Luke make money?

This leads me nicely on to the next point. Luke never seems to ever take any money from anyone. Especially Rory and Lorelei who have every second meal in the diner. How does Luke make money? Does he ever use his fancy golden till? No one ever seems to pay him!

Does Rory have friends?

This was mostly in Season One and Two. Rory seems to only have Lane as a friend. She never mentions anyone else and people at her school. I also do not count Paris as a friend here because I feel she is an emotional sponge from Rory and it seems like such a false friendship. I don’t get why Rory sticks about with her.

Why is Luke attractive until he takes his hat off?

Anyone else think Luke is really attractive until he takes his hat off? I think the hat makes him look younger perhaps and then when he has his hat off he just looks a lot older? Maybe that’s just me?

Why is Lorelai so self-destructive?

This frustrated me about the series, just when things were going well she would do something irrational without much explanation. Like leaving Luke before the wedding, sleeping with Christopher. Just when you were starting to like her.

Why is Rory such a dirty?

Rory seems to get around. And I suppose she’s a little like her mum does things that are so self-destructive. I mean I get we all make mistakes and make poor choices in love. But it started to get to the point that you were like calm down RORY!


Why is the theme tune so long?

Okay, I love the theme tune and its motivational message. But when you’re having a Netflix binge it is such a long theme tune!  Cut the singing, get to the Drama!


What is with Sookie’s pregnancies?

Firstly how does she not realise she’s pregnant. Secondly, she seems to be pregnant for about 5 minutes before she has a massive baby bump. Did anyone else notice this?


How weird is it seeing them all grown up?


Because I watched all the episodes back to back. I saw them all age 10 years in an instant. It was a bit much to take in! Some characters hadn’t aged at all, like Lane and Christopher. Lots of them looked much older like Zach and Luke and then some looked so much younger like Miss Patty! Also is it just me but did Kirk kind of Neville Longbottom himself into looking a lot hotter? Jess is still the dream!

Why am I so emotional and when is Gilmore Girls coming back?

I cried more at this show than events in my own family. Rory’s graduations, Luke and Lorelei’s wedding any time Richard was mentioned to name but a few! I did love the show and will so watch it all again at some point! I feel there are so many unanswered questions that they NEED to bring it back!


Have you watched Gilmore Girls? What did you think?

Check out my recommended Gilmore Girls products!

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