Baby Driver: Movie Review

Baby Driver Movie Review

On Wednesday night my husband and I went to go see Baby Driver at the Odeon. If you’ve read before, we have the Odeon Limitless Cards and so try to go at least once a week. I’ll be honest this didn’t look like my kind of film based on the trailer it looked like a bit of a fast and furious knock off I thought.

I was wrong.

The film was amazing. It focuses on a young guy named Baby (played by Fault in our Stars Actor, Ansel Egort) who is a reluctant getaway driver for Doc (played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey), Baby is seen throughout the film with headphones in or listening to music, this is to drown out the ‘hum in the drum’ he has in his ears from a car accident when he was younger. There is a great cast with a nearly unrecognisable Jon Hamm as one of the members of Doc’s crew as well as Jamie Foxx, Lily James and Sky Ferreria makes a brief appereance.

Baby Driver Movie Review

The film is really cleverly made as everything is syncopated with the music. There is a massive range of music playing and it is choreographed so well. The opening credits are really cleverly choreographed with the music.  The film feels like a musical in some ways but not the cheesy type of musical. Jamie Foxx was recently interviewed and said that they had the music playing in earphones when shooting to the movie to ensure the timing of the key moments linked with the music.

It is a clever story and there are some really funny bits in the movie. It has the right balance of action, car chases, romance, and humour. It’d be a good movie for date night I think.

The film is so much more than a car chase film, it’s a smart movie with a great storyline. Although saying that I did drive away listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival feeling like I am on top of the world! The soundtrack is a must listen!


Have you seen Baby Driver yet? What did you think?

What did I think of the Baywatch Movie?


To me, it feels like they have been going on about this film for forever. There has been so much hype about it. Those of a certain generation will remember watching the Hoff and Pamela Anderson running around the beach fighting really obscure crimes on a beach whilst running in slow motion and bouncing in all the right places. I had a Baywatch Barbie- she was awesome!  If you are too young to remember this may struggle to get some of the jokes in this film.

Baywatch Barbie

The film is ultimately a spoof of Baywatch the TV Show. The characters are the same – there are Mitch, CJ and Stephanie, the main 3 lifeguards from the show. I don’t really know what I was expecting from the film, but it was strange in all honesty. It has a strong cast with The Rock and Zac Efron offering male eye candy and Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Ilfenesh Hadera play the role of attractive female lifeguards. FYI the film barely passes the Bechdel Test, the women rarely speak to each other, except about the males. Pamela Anderson and The Hoff do make cameo appearances in the movie too. 

The film is full of action and excitement. There are a lot of good one-liners in the film. Mostly coming from Dwayne Johnson, who has a great delivery which is also been apparent in the various promotions and interviews I’ve seen him in recently.

I don’t know if I enjoyed the film; when it finished I was totally like nah that was stupid I didn’t enjoy it. However, as I think about it more and more I think it wasn’t that bad. I would probably watch it again. I just can’t tell. Don’t go expecting to see an Oscar worthy movie, it’s a predictable film, with cheap jokes and a lot of boobs and a few instances of penises (which actually on reflection you don’t often see in movies)

There we go there’s my one sentence review –

Baywatch – More penises than 50 Shades of Grey… (You can have that for the DVD cover!)


The Movie of My Life – Blogger Writing Challenge

The Movie of My Life - Blogger Writing Challenge

I am trying something a little bit different, so run with it.

Welcome to The Movie of My Life. I hope that these prompts will spark a little bit of conversation and give a little insight into your life. You don’t need to be a blogger to participate; you could write your answers in a  Facebook Status, a Blog Comment, on a scrap of paper. You could create a mock-up Movie poster if you really want!

The Movie Of My Life - Blogger Writing Prompt - Juniper Daze

The Idea

Using the below prompts, explain a little about The Movie of Your Life. Imagine a Hollywood producer has heard all about you and wants to make a Movie of Your Life. Remember you have creative control, you choose what goes in the movie! You can choose to explain as much or as little about why you have made your choices. You can add in as many characters, songs, descriptions as you want! Once you have answered the questions, nominate a few other bloggers or people to write about the movie of their life! Please link back to the original post ( too! Use the Hashtag #MovieofMyLife on Twitter so we can read each other’s movies!

The Prompts

The Title:

“When Life Gives You Lemons…” – I really like this saying, I use it quite a lot and often it is what I need to consider when hurdles come into my life.

Starring: (Choose however many people you want to star in your movie)

Jennifer Lawrence as Steph – I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think she has the right amount of awkwardness and humour as me. Also she is beautiful and you know it’s my movie, I could look like that right?!

David Tennant as my husband – Again, it’s my movie and it’s Holywood anything is possible! David Tennant has the right amount of cool but geeky that my husband is.

Emma Thomson as my Mum – My mum has played a big part in my life and so I would need a strong female actress to portray her. I think Emma Thompson is the right person.

Tom Hanks as my University Lecturer – Okay I’ve said it so many times I wish Robert Langdon from Dan Brown’s novels were my Uni Lecturer, but we will settle for Tom Hanks being my university lecturer and perhaps dissertation supervisor. (I am really playing with artistic license here)


Pretenders: Don’t Get Me Wrong – This is going to be played over the opening credits, I think an introduction to me. A montage of my daily life. I always listen to this song when I am on a power walk somewhere, it just gets me in the right frame of mind. Jennifer Lawrence and David Tenant are just going about their everyday lives.

The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition – This is going to be played when I am probably at University. I imagine a scene with me losing the will to live over a stupid essay that is due in five hours and I’ve no idea what king or queen or century these events took place in but I am powering through. Maybe it ends with my going to see Tom Hanks.

The Time Warp – This has to be featured at some point in the middle. Probably towards the end of Uni, maybe at my graduation. It is not a party if the Time Warp is not cracked out.

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates – This was the song we played at our wedding after we got married so it has to feature. However, there would be a dance break like on 500 days of summer.

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles – The end of the Movie would end on an inspirational high. With this song playing over the end credits. People will be inspired by my amazing life and boom!

Filming Location:

I think I would stick to Scotland as a filming location. In and around Edinburgh. Of course we could feature some of my favorite holidays in the movie and of course, I would be an executive producer and need to, therefore, go on these holidays. Remember that time when I hired a whole island. . .

Poster Tagline:

She’s taken her lemons and made Gin and Tonic…

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Some films that are like the Movie of my Life

Bridget Jones – I don’t know anyone who cannot relate to Bridget Jones in some way. I can relate to Bridget Jones in far too many ways.

Miss Congeniality – I am that awkward person that doesn’t really do makeup or beauty and would be so out of place in a beauty pageant.

Eat Pray Love – You know that inspired warm fuzzy feeling you get at the end of this film. That’s what you will feel when you watch the movie of my life.

I Nominate

Burgh Blogger – My real life blogger friend. She loves a movie as much as me.

Hollie Ann – I love Hollie Ann’s blog and she’s so lovely.

Zoe from Little Ray of Sunshine – I Love Zoe’s Blog and ideas for injecting some happiness into your life.

Rachael at Gatsby and Glamour – Despite me saying I hate beauty – I love Rachael’s blog – she posts honest reviews about make up and beauty products but also has thee cutest dogs!

Amie at The Curvaceous Vegan – I love Amie’s blog, it’s so pretty and purple. She also has a great writing style that is so relatable.

These are the 5 bloggers I nominate for the Movie of My Life blog challenge. I hope it’s just a bit of fun and different way to get to know other bloggers! Let me know what you think!

Remember to use the Hashtag #themovieofme

The Movie of My Life - Blogger Writing Challenge -


The Avengers Assemble in Edinburgh – Filming Locations

AvengersFilm LocationsInEdinburgh


Edinburgh is currently buzzing. We are going mad for The Avengers at the moment. They are filming Avengers: Infinity Stone in the city. I went up to see what was going on the other night so thought I would share what I saw.

I headed up to Cockburn Street where they have cordoned off some of the streets and redone some of the shops. It appears that the scenes that they are filing involve someone flying out a window. In the crowd we were speculating whether it was Captain America and his shield or perhaps Hulk smashing through. We are not quite sure yet.

When we went they were just testing lighting and setting up the scene when we went. It was so so cold! The police were there keeping crowds under control. They were also quite good at telling us what they could, that they knew there wasn’t going to be much happening tonight. Although saying that it is sort of addictive standing around, watching people mill around. Especially when a van or lorry comes you can’t help but look in to see what they brought.

We eventually wandered down to Waverley Station – there is a new area there that is completely transformed with an Italian coffee shop, benches, phone boxes and fake adverts. The thing that the adverts told us is that the film will definitely be set in Edinburgh as the fake posters are for Edinburgh Castle etc.

I think filming is going to be on for the next few weeks and so I think I will pop up another few times. Especially if Chris Hemsworth will be there! Even Robert Downey Junior. Or Scarlett Johansson. No wait Chris Pratt is my dream guy. Okay, in all honesty, all the superheroes are pretty fine! I am such a Marvel Geek. It is so exciting the Avengers are in Edinburgh!

See all my Photos from the set and a handy filming guide that has been circulating Twitter.


Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

This film feels like it has been years in the making! I was so excited to go see it! I have been singing Be Our Guest all day. Here are my thoughts on Beauty and the Beast I’ll try to keep it spoiler free but I feel we all know the story. Right?

Firstly there is the overall worry that they are going to ruin a classic. I was not disappointed. They kept in all the good bits of the animated classic and added in some new songs and one-liners.
I really liked the classic songs like Belle, Gaston and of course Be Our Guest. They were amazing to watch. In all honesty, Emma Thomson’s Beauty and the Beast didn’t quite live up to Angela Lansbury’s version. The dancing however did!
The costumes were beautiful, even the peasants looked fantastic! The costume designer better win an Oscar! The yellow dress lived up to the dream as did the Belle winter outfit. Emma Watson took a wee minute to get used to as Belle, I kept thinking wow Hermione’s a good singer!
The Beast’s eyes were extremely dreamy and hypnotic, I think I’d fall for him even. Part of me was slightly disappointed when he transformed into the prince. Maybe I just prefer my men hairy and horny! 😂😂😂
A word of warning there are some bits that are a little bit scary if you are planning on taking kids, especially the bits with the wolves in the woods. For some, it might be better waiting til DVD.
I was kind of disappointed a little bit in all the hype surrounding LeFou as the first Gay character in a Disney film. I don’t think it was a great representation, he was still portrayed as a camp bumbling fool. I feel Disney missed a trick at the end when all the characters were coupling off and being reunited that he could have been reunited with a male character. He danced with a man for a slight second, blink and you miss it (I did and had to read about when it was!) It’s a step in the right direction none the less!


Beauty and the Beast


Overall it was a great feel good film, it lived up to expectations and bring classic Disney cheer to all! It’s not until the very end you realize who half the cast members are. Like I didn’t realize Lumiere was Euan McGregor. It’s all in the magic of Disney!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?
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Thoughts I had Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Gif

I have just spent the last 6 months of my life watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and whilst I was watching I kept a few notes on what I was thinking. This page may contain spoilers, although I probably am one of the last people remaining to watch it! It also gives me an excuse to put all the GIFs in. Like this one of Jess! <3



How do they afford things?

They seem to always be eating out, buying things or going places. Yet Lorelai seems to always refuse her parents money. I can’t imagine she would make an awful to of money, yet they seem to be able to live in a relatively big house in quite a nice area.

How does Luke make money?

This leads me nicely on to the next point. Luke never seems to ever take any money from anyone. Especially Rory and Lorelei who have every second meal in the diner. How does Luke make money? Does he ever use his fancy golden till? No one ever seems to pay him!

Does Rory have friends?

This was mostly in Season One and Two. Rory seems to only have Lane as a friend. She never mentions anyone else and people at her school. I also do not count Paris as a friend here because I feel she is an emotional sponge from Rory and it seems like such a false friendship. I don’t get why Rory sticks about with her.

Why is Luke attractive until he takes his hat off?

Anyone else think Luke is really attractive until he takes his hat off? I think the hat makes him look younger perhaps and then when he has his hat off he just looks a lot older? Maybe that’s just me?

Why is Lorelai so self-destructive?

This frustrated me about the series, just when things were going well she would do something irrational without much explanation. Like leaving Luke before the wedding, sleeping with Christopher. Just when you were starting to like her.

Why is Rory such a dirty?

Rory seems to get around. And I suppose she’s a little like her mum does things that are so self-destructive. I mean I get we all make mistakes and make poor choices in love. But it started to get to the point that you were like calm down RORY!


Why is the theme tune so long?

Okay, I love the theme tune and its motivational message. But when you’re having a Netflix binge it is such a long theme tune!  Cut the singing, get to the Drama!


What is with Sookie’s pregnancies?

Firstly how does she not realise she’s pregnant. Secondly, she seems to be pregnant for about 5 minutes before she has a massive baby bump. Did anyone else notice this?


How weird is it seeing them all grown up?


Because I watched all the episodes back to back. I saw them all age 10 years in an instant. It was a bit much to take in! Some characters hadn’t aged at all, like Lane and Christopher. Lots of them looked much older like Zach and Luke and then some looked so much younger like Miss Patty! Also is it just me but did Kirk kind of Neville Longbottom himself into looking a lot hotter? Jess is still the dream!

Why am I so emotional and when is Gilmore Girls coming back?

I cried more at this show than events in my own family. Rory’s graduations, Luke and Lorelei’s wedding any time Richard was mentioned to name but a few! I did love the show and will so watch it all again at some point! I feel there are so many unanswered questions that they NEED to bring it back!


Have you watched Gilmore Girls? What did you think?

Check out my recommended Gilmore Girls products!

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Jackie – Film Review – Starring Natalie Portman and John Hurt.


For any conspiracy theorist like me, the death of JFK is fascinating. My friend lives in Dallas and I keep talking about the grassy knoll to her and the book depository. This first sparked my love of all things JFK. I love American history, to be honest. When I heard they had made a film about Jackie Kennedy, of course, I had to go see it.


The only issue was, it isn’t a mainstream film and so I had to go to the Odeon in the city center of Edinburgh to see it. This cinema shows the more arty kind of films. The only showing was also at 5:10 so I basically hot footed it onto the bus from work and got there just in time.


The film stars Natalie Portman as Jackie. I hadn’t read much about the film or watched any trailers as I feel trailers these days tell you basically all of the films. The film is mostly centered around the weeks surrounding JFKs death. The lead-up to and the aftermath of. It starts with Jackie being interviewed by a Journalist about her husband’s legacy and her next steps and is full of flashbacks to different events.

Portman is amazing, as ever, at portraying Jackie as a chain-smoking perfectionist who needs to have everything just so. She is really conscious of her public image throughout the whole event, and it is alluded to that this is due to her journalistic background. Following the film is an emotional rollercoaster that Portman takes you on and you are kind of left thinking whether you should love or hate Jackie. It has made me want to go read more about her.



It is a fascinating story and I know there have been lots of films made about this subject but I don’t think any have really shown it from this angle. The whole film was beautiful, especially the cinematography. Also a great last appearance from John Hurt.

Hidden Figures – Movie Review

A few weeks ago, I took my Odeon Limitless card along to the Odeon and went to try out Screen Unseen. This is a chance to see a film that is yet to come out at the cinema yet and you get to watch it ages before it comes out. The only catch is, you don’t know what you are about to see until it starts!

Hidden Figures

The film was Hidden Figures – A film I saw the trailers to and really wanted to see! Win Win! The film is about the role of Black Women in the Nasa Space program in the 1960’s. It was a story I never really knew or thought about. I never really realised that they still relied on calculations by humans in calculating the logistics of space exploration, computers were still in the early ages of development.

There is a great story following three female ‘computers’ – played by the incredible Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Morae. The story is based on real events and the three women show not only the plight they faced at work but also facing segregation in their own lives too!

The film also features Kirsten Dunst, who I didn’t recognise at first, but then I haven’t really seen her in a film since Spiderman. Jim Parsons as a maths geek- basically 1960’s Sheldon and Kevin Costner as the head engineer.

The film felt quite lengthy and I did start to get a little tired in the middle, not so much I wanted to walk out of the cinema like a few people did. I don’t really get that, why would you walk out of the cinema half way through a film! It is definitely worth a watch, go see Hidden Figures! It’s out on the 17th February.