The Smile Tag

The Smile Tag

Thanks to Burgh Blogger for the tag. What a lovely idea the Smile Tag is, Sharing pictures of yourself smiling.

This may be a challenge as I hate pictures of myself and I smile like Chandler Bing in most photos but here we go!

JD and Husband

This picture is from a recent wedding we attended. The wedding was at Castle Campbell in Dollar and was such a stunning setting for a wedding. My Husband was a groomsman hence why he looks so handsome in a kilt. The sun came out just in time for the bride walking down the aisle after being quite an overcast day and so it was a perfect wedding.

I kinda like this photo of me as it was taken off guard, it’s a natural smile. It was taken on a family holiday in Aberfeldy, Perthshire.  The biggest thing here is I was going through a really rubbish time although I wasn’t ready to talk about it. I had been feeling down for a while and so this photo is quite emotional too as although I was smiling on the outside I wasn’t there on the inside.

This here is a really forced cheesy smile. But we were on It’s a Small World in Disneyland which arguably is the Happiest Place on Earth! I loved going to Disneyland and especially on this day as it was our first wedding anniversary. What a way to spend it- on a roasting hot day in a park full of kids! It was brilliant though!

So there we have 3 photos of me smiling, I am assuming you can post as many smiling photos as you want to but I’ve just gone with the three. I don’t want to tag people as I know the feeling you get under pressure to retag people and re-write a post but if your happy and you know it… SMILE!


How to have a Self-Care Day and Self-Care Pack Giveaway!

Self Care Pack - How to do a Self Care Day

It is important to have a ‘self-care or ‘me’ day’ – especially when you are feeling really really rubbish. You’ve got to remember you cannot give anything to anyone if you have nothing yourself. Lately, I feel like I have been running on empty, bottling up my stress and frustrations and making myself ill. I am trying to maintain the persona of someone who has their shit together. Someone who has it all under control whilst underneath I have been drowning in a sea of bullshit. I plan on writing a post all about this once I find the words to say.

Self Care Pack - How to do a Self Care Day

So I have taken some me days. Some self-care days. It is important to refocus myself and get back on track. As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week I thought I would share some tips and ideas as to how to have a self-care day and also I have a giveaway where I will be sending someone a self-care pack!

How to have a Self-Care Day

The thing is you will know yourself what you need. Some may need exercise, others just want to sleep, others will need to keep busy. Listen to your body if you are tired go sleep. Have a bubble bath in the middle of the day. Read a Book. For me, I cannot concentrate when I am feeling low. My mind is a flurry of ideas and thoughts – I currently have 15 tabs open on my web browser, and I have no idea what ones I need. So last night I went on Pinterest and printed out a whole bunch of printables and put them all in a folder. This has helped me compartmentalize my thoughts and to- do’s. I find that writing things down helps me massively. Here are some ideas from Zoe – You can find her blog Little Ray of Sunshine here

Self Care Pack - How to do a Self Care Day

Some other ideas are: Reading a Self Help book – ones I really enjoyed were Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Quiet by Susan Cain. These were easy to read and relatable; although I know for others they are not into that. Also, the app Headspace is really good for 10 minutes to chill out.

I have been anti -medication for a while; just because I thought that I wanted to ‘get over it myself’ but sometimes you need a little help and so I am on medication. However, you may want to look down the line of herbal medicine as well. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have heard that Red Reishi has good health benefits and can boost your immune system.

Self Care Pack Giveaway

Sometimes for me, all I need is to curl up on the couch with my duvet and cozy clothes. I love my Heat Holders socks for this. They keep me warm and cozy and are like a hug for your feet! I love to curl up with a cup of tea and put something on Netflix that I probably will then fall asleep watching. But that’s okay!

Self-Care Pack Giveaway

Pinterest is full of ideas for inspiration of how you can take some me time. You can find my Anxiety/ Mindfulness Board here!


Self Care Pack - How to do a Self Care Day

So now that I have shared some tips on Self Care, I felt that I would love to share some Self Care Love. I am giving away a box of Self Care goodies – Including a Pair of Heat Holders Socks (worth £5.99), A Months supply of Red Reishi Tablets ( worth £35.99), a Notebook from 2LittleBoys (my current fave stationery company!) some Colour therapy books and pencils along with other surprises for you to have a self-care day your way! 

To enter follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. UK Participants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Some of the products from this giveaway have been gifted by the companies to be part of this giveaway!)

Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old for Lego

I am a self-confessed AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), there’s a real life acronym for it and everything! Admittedly the box does say 4-99 but I think you can still play after your 100th birthday – You are only as old as you feel right? I love Lego and cannot resist a visit to the Lego Store whenever I see one. For my 24th Birthday –  I flew to London and went to Legoland. I had the best time!  Here are reasons why Lego is the greatest.

Me in Legoland on my Birthday – With my Birthday Badge!

It Fosters Creativity

In an age where we are all robots, conforming to how we are expected to be and act the way we are supposed to act. Lego gives an escape to your childhood and those days when you had ideas of your own.

Science Says So

Scientists have said that Lego is good for you. It boosts your cognitive thinking and makes you smarter. Apparently!

It’s Stress Busting

Lego is escapism. It helps stress bust, it takes you away from the worries of everyday life. I know a few people who use lego as a stress buster.

Fun for all Ages

Lego brings together people from all generations together. Nothing breaks the ice like a box of Lego. Everyone will love Lego.

My Lego Minifigures from Paris
My Lego Minifigures from Paris

It’s a good investment

Lego can be expensive but you do get your money’s worth. It lasts for years and is basically a family heirloom.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing beats that satisfied feeling you get when you finish a lego project! It’s the ultimate sense of accomplishment.

Amsterdam Lego

There are some reasons why Lego is a great hobby to have. There are so many Lego events on this summer with Brick Live in Glasgow in July and Brick City at New Lanark from June to August. The event at New Lanark looks awesome and I am definitely going to head along this summer. There will be a lot of different models to see and the chance to build your own! The events are not just for kids, although there are lots of kids events – remember Lego is for all ages. So embrace your inner builder and break out the Lego! See  for more details on the exhibition and I recommend you book tickets as there are some days already sold out!




My Pinterest Wins: The Garden Edition

Pinterest Wins: The Garden Edition

My Pinterest Wins: The Garden Edition

One of my friends described me as the Queen of Pinterest. I took this as a massive compliment! I love scouring Pinterest for house ideas, recipes, dream homes, teaching ideas and more recently garden ideas. We have just moved into a new house and got a massive garden out the back to deal with. I was going to give it a year before I started on it but I got too excited and so started in the past few weeks.

My Pinterest Board

Okay now if you ever have seen something on Pinterest and then tried to recreate you will be in the same boat as me… It rarely works, it never pulls off and it looks rubbish. Alternatively, your cheap DIY makeover actually costs an arm and a leg because you do not own half of the stuff they ask for in your house. I attempted this project with an open mind. You can have a look at my Pinterest Garden Board to see my kind of inspiration.


The Pallet Veg Patch

Pallet Veg and Herbs Patch - Easy Garden Fixes

Every 3rd Pinterest project is about using pallets to create things for your home. They always look like such a massive project and far too much effort. However, I have been wanting a veg patch for years so I thought I am going to go for it. I found 2 pallets on Gumtree and so got them home. I then took off the slats I didn’t need and using a staple gun I stapled pouches of lining material to the upturned pallet, which I then screwed into the fence. I had leftover blackboard paint from out wedding so put that on and then wrote on the plant names with chalk. I had to buy the lining material and staple gun for about £10.

The pallet on the ground is quite similar, we dug out the grass and then stapled in the lining around the edges. This meant we had 8 sections for veg and 6 for herbs. The veg we planted were a combination of shop bought plants and some seeds. Some look a little bit like they need some extra love. So keep your (green) fingers crossed!

There was the fear that this would look too shabby in our garden but actually, I am pretty proud of it. It looks good and doesn’t take up too much space.

The Triangle Flower Bed

Garden Triangle Bed Garden Triangle Bed

I knew I wanted flower beds in my garden but I didn’t want massive flower beds that would take lots of effort to maintain. I saw an idea on Pinterest of cutting triangular flower beds in your garden. This breaks up the monotony of grass but also makes it a manageable size. So my mum and I spent a sunny Sunday digging up the turf, which was terribly laid. No wonder our grass is lumpy they have just laid it on top of rocks and other rubble. The turf only took about an hour to lift and dig out the bed. We then took a break went to Dobbies and got a whole load of compost and edging.

The bed took 250 litres of compost to fill, luckily there was 20% off at Dobbies! We then filled it with some bedding plants, hydrangeas, and climbers. I think we might put in another bed at the opposite side of the garden now.

The Glow in the Dark Flower Pot

Glow in the Dark Pot

The previous two Pinterest projects were really successful. So something has to give! I saw a pin that you can paint a plant pot with glow in the dark paint and it glows in the dark providing a solar light. It looks really cool. I sent my husband out to the shops to get me some Glow in the Dark paint. I had a cheap planter from Home Bargains costing a whole 79p and I painted it. Twice. I planted some lavender in it and waited. Waited for nightfall. When it was finally dark I was so excited to look outside and see… nothing. Absolutely nothing. The glow in the dark did not work! Ah well, you win some you lose some.


My Future as a Gardener.

My New Hanging Basket
My New Hanging Basket

I approached this project as a learning experiment. I wanted a garden, I wanted it low maintenance but also I knew nothing about gardens. I am not an outdoors person, I hate being muddy and manual labor. However, I loved doing my garden. I think this may be my new thing. I found it so rewarding. You can see the impact you’ve made. Time also flies by so quickly! This may be my new stress buster! I even went out when it was chilly recently and wrapped up my plants in bubble wrap so they don’t get cold!

So there we have it, Gardening is not as dull as it looks!

My Bubble Wrapped Plants
My Bubble Wrapped Plants


Celebrating My Dyslexia

Thoughts About Dyslexia

Celebrating My Dyslexia 

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I self-assessed myself and it wasn’t until I began my teacher training I realised I might be dyslexic. It was never picked up on when I was in school, however looking back it makes lots of sense.

The main reason it wasn’t picked up was because I was achieving, I was a smart kid and I was passing. Now I’ve had IQ tests and spoken to an Educational Psychologist, I probably should have done a lot better at school. The other reason why I don’t think it was picked up was because of my introverted nature. Instead of talking about problems I was having I just came up with my own coping strategies.

One thing that majorly annoys me about Dyslexia is its major misunderstanding. It’s got a reputation of being an excuse for people who are bad at spelling. As a teacher I hear the excuse on the daily basis – I can’t do this ‘cos I’m Dyslexic. People who are dyslexic will but themselves down and so in a way I’m glad I went through school without the proper diagnosis as I feel I may have let myself fall into this category. I have also come across teachers who think they can cure dyslexia – ‘if you just make kids with dyslexia continually do something they will eventually remember it!”

Understanding My Dyslexia - Image

How I approach my Dyslexia

Dyslexia comes in different forms, but it comes down to how we process information. This image sort of shows you how it can have effects on people. For me, the main set backs are I don’t know my left from my right – despite trying to remember them my whole life. I still do that thing where you put your finger and thumb up to see what one makes an L. Saying that I have an awesome sense of direction. I never really get lost and always find my way places.

I cannot do my times tables. Again trying to memorize them does not work. Same with Dates. I am a history teacher and I have no concept of dates, years and even centuries. This can prove difficult at times- especially when I was in History exams at university. I just avoided ever having to mention the date. I knew all the knowledge, the reasons why something happened and the effects it had. I still managed to get really good results in exams. 

I love reading books but do struggle with concentration. That’s why I love my kindle – you can change the font and the text to make it user-friendly. The Kindle has the OpenDyslexie font, this makes it much easier to read although for many the font looks strange.

I think the biggest challenge I have is with sounds and processing of information I’ve heard. This can mean I mishear things, don’t hear people at all or hear the words but take a few seconds to process what I have heard. This really annoys my husband and I do ignore him a lot, not on purpose. It means I watch TV Shows and Movies with subtitles on to help me understand the plot. If I don’t, I often miss major plot! I do get irritated easily by background noise and struggle to concentrate on 2 things at once. However I know this, I just apologise for not hearing, ask for things to be repeated and that seems to work.

Celebrating Dyslexia

Dyslexia is something that should be celebrated – We think totally differently, we have spent our whole lives problem solving and so can tackle problems from a different angle. We might not be able to write down our thinking or be able to fully explain why we think something. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill all had dyslexia. They were revolutionaries.

So what I am saying is please stop making dyslexia jokes, stop thinking because you or someone you know is dyslexic they are stupid or can’t do something. They will find a way and they are brilliant. Dyslexia is only a barrier to learning when we think everyone learns in the same way. Final Thought . . . why did they make the word dyslexia such a hard word to spell! 

If you want more advice or information –



6 Thoughts Everyone Has Had in an Interview

6 Thoughts Everyone has had in an interview

6 Thoughts Everyone has had in an Interview

Lately, I have been going through a lot of Job Interviews. It is the season for it! The whole process is exhausting, the application, the interview prep, the interview, the nervous wait afterward. It is exhausting! There have been a lot of similarities in the recent few Job Interviews and so here are some thoughts and observations I’ve had in Job Interviews.

What are they writing?

The worst part of a Job Interview is when you are talking to the interviewers and they are writing their notes down. Now I know they do this but still, you are talking and thinking ‘this is Gold! Why are you not writing this down!” Also trying to read what they are writing upside down – I know I shouldn’t but I do it anyway then lose my train of thought and fail.

Why are they not laughing at my jokes?

I cannot help making puns or jokes in interviews. Sometimes deliberate, most of the time it is because I am waffling so much! I wish I could remember them afterward and share some, but they are a heat of a moment thing! I suppose a secondary point to this thought is STOP MAKING STUPID JOKES!

What am I even saying?

The heat of the moment often just takes you away! I find I catch myself speaking but not actually saying anything! You know in Bridget Jones when she is talking nonsense and the caption comes along the bottom F*******K! That caption come sup in my head half the time!

What was the Question?

This is a major flaw of mine, I suppose the line of work I am in. You get off on a tangent so easily that I do have to risk the question just to make sure in amongst my puns, jokes, and stories I am getting to the point!

Did You Not Just Ask This?

There comes a time when you are in a Job interview and you are asked a question and you think, ‘Did I not just answer this?’ Wait did I answer the last question wrong? How do I say the same thing again in a different way? Why are job interviews so like exams? Beforehand, I feel like I have to memorise so much stuff and forget to mention half of it. Then you check your notes after and are like ahhhhh!

Do I speak to the Competition?

I never know what the protocol is. Whether to speak to the other candidates as we wait for our interview, in the ‘holding cell’. Normally I do just end up chatting away to them and have met some lovely people. Once I went for an interview at my husband’s place of work and knew half the people there so it really psyched the other candidates out when I was on a tour of the building and people kept asking me how I was.


Ultimately I have come to the conclusion you could have an amazing interview, be on your top a game but you maybe don’t fit it with what they are looking for. I have always tried to stay true to myself, they know what they are getting.
Take this as a reflection, though, I always prep before an interview but don’t rehearse too much a script. I am honest in my interviews and always give a firm handshake. Think about how you judge others when you get when you are given a limp handshake… What’s for you won’t pass you by…

6 Thoughts Everyone has had in an interview

Here is a top Interview Technique that I do mostly stick too!

5 Things I Don’t Give a F**K About

Zero Fucks Given

Inspired by Sarah Knights book – The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K. I decided to write a list of things I didn’t really care about. You can read my cheat sheet here.  The book says you should sit down a write things you care about and then from that score out the ones you really couldn’t care less about. I think however I am just going to keep an ongoing list of things I come across that I think, you know what I don’t give a damn about that. Next time it comes up I am just going to walk away. I have started my list and so am going to share some items on it. I am starting a spread in my Bullet Journal that I will add to as I go through life.

Zero Fucks Given

5 Things I don’t give a F**k about…

Other People’s Sex Lives

I don’t really care if you are having sex with 16 different people in one night. I don’t really care if you have whips and chains. I don’t really care if you are getting some or not. I don’t really care how big someone else’s penis is. I really cannot be arsed listening to people share all the ins and outs (quite literally) of their sexual encounters. What am I supposed to do with that information?

Whether people like each other

From this moment on I no longer will be completing the Sudoku of getting people together. I hate having to work out who is talking to who, who likes who, who cannot be in the same room as who. Instead if I have any sort of gathering or party, I’m just going to invite people and they can work it out amongst themselves. I am also sick of people saying why didn’t you invite me to things – when they know fine well its because they cannot be in the same room with other people.

Spending Money to be Polite

How many times do you buy something just to be polite. Whether it is at a friends, candle, make up, beauty product, Tupperware party (okay I am too young to have been at a Tupperware party and in all honesty I think I would love a Tupperware party) It may be you going in a shop purely to use the loo and feeling compelled to buy something. Trying out samples of things that you don’t particularly think are worth the money but feel compelled to buy it. Or going to an event that you don’t particularly want to go to and know you won’t enjoy just to be polite. Sponsoring someone you don’t really know or like but because you have been handed the form in front of all your colleagues. Therefore from this moment on, I will only be spending money on things that I want to spend money on.

Chasing Up Kids Homework

Being a teacher my life seems to be one big long list of to-dos. One thing I could do without is having to chase kids who haven’t handed in their homework. It’s inconvenient and means that I basically have to do lots more work to mark something that I most probably just handed out because I needed to mark a homework grade on their report cards.

Eating “Breakfast Food”

I do believe that breakfast is an important meal. But I hate traditional breakfast food. I don’t like traditional cooked breakfast. I don’t like cereal really, but also I hate the reaction I get when I say I really fancy pasta for breakfast. I don’t get why their are certain foods only for certain times of the day. A cheese and tomato toast for breakfast would do me nicely. I am no longer going to justify my breakfast food choices to anyone.


These are only a few items on my Zero F**KS Given list. We are going to be discussing the book on Tuesday 28th February at 7pm on my Facebook page. Come join us there as you get more inspiration for your own list!

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K – The Clean Cheat Sheet


February’s book is “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k” by Sarah Knight. I have just finished reading it and really enjoyed it. I was talking to my mum about it but she is reluctant to read it because of the name. She doesn’t like the F Bomb. So instead I have decided to write a cheat sheet or cliff notes version for her anyone else really who either doesn’t like swearing or has no time to read the book. I shall change the word to damn.

“You’re like me, You’ve been giving too many damns about too many things for too long. You’re over extended and over burdened by life.”

Sarah Knight describes her inspiration for the book as being drawn from the Marie Kondo book on decluttering. Like me she loved it and went around telling everyone all about Kon-Mari! She talks about how exhausting and cluttered her life is because she gives too many damns about too many things. This is true of so many of us. We take on a lot we have a lot of things on that we don’t particularly enjoy doing or caring about but they are there and we need a clear out. Knight sets out two main rules.

  1. Deciding what you don’t give a damn about

  2. Not giving a damn about those things.

Sounds pretty simple right? Some things are easier to get out of your life than others.

“Although giving too many damns can result in you feeling anxious, stressed out and desperate”

The rule is simple – you should give a damn about something if it does not annoy you and does bring you happiness. You are in control of your of damns. You can start to think about all the time, effort and money you will save by focusing on things you really do care about!

“You have no control over what other people think”

This is the key message of the book. Stop worrying about what others think. You can’t control it. Human beings have every right to politely disagree with things. Its human nature.

So Knight gives four categories to think about when you are writing your damn list.

  1. Things
  2. Work
  3. Friends, Strangers and Acquaintances
  4. Family

The task involves you writing a list of everything you give a damn about and then really thinking about the things you care about and scoring out the rest. Some highlights of things Knight wrote about are the use of Powerpoint’s, taking notes in a meeting, bikini waxes, conference calls, dress codes amongst other things!

Basically you have to think about all the things you feel you ought to give a damn about and the things you do actually care about. Only give a damn if you really want to! There are other ideas like for example making personal policies about things, such as donating to co-workers charity fundraising or other obligations. If you have a personal policy then you don’t have to give a damn.

This is just a short summary of the book, in all honesty it’s not doing the book justice. I do suggest you read it in it’s entirety. Preferably before next Tuesday at 7pm when we can discuss it over on my Facebook page! If you haven’t read it don’t worry you’ve read this review and got the general gist. I am going to share my top 10 things I am going to stop giving a damn about over there, feel free to get your list together!




Life through a Filter… Thoughts on Social Media

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Teddy Roosevelt


Hands up who has seen something on Pinterest and tried to recreate it, failing miserably. Then you question your self-worth and talents and evaluate the cost of all the materials you bought to make this one wonderful idea for your art project.

Who has seen someone you barely know, or perhaps don’t even know on Instagram and thought I wish I was them. They have it all together. They live an awesome life.

What about a former school friend or that person you were once in a uni seminar with that added you on Facebook and you’ve not quite gotten round to delete because they are always doing interesting things, share lots of photos from a holiday of a lifetime and think why is that not me.

Now, look at the flip side…

Hands up who has ever used all the filters on Instagram to post a photo that took 15 attempts to get quite right but still your gray hair and dodgy spots are still showing. You’ve written and deleted a post 10 times till you get the wording right. You exaggerated the truth to get the likes up.

Hands up if you can name any of the Instagram filters.

Hands up if you have a favorite.

Everyone Filters

FYI My favorite is Gingham with a touch of a vignette. Or you put it in black and white but you add a little bit of color back in! 

You might not even filter your photos, it may be your posts. I often find myself reaching a moment in my life, or even worse preemptively thinking about an upcoming event and thinking do I Snapchat or Instagram this? Do I share my funny thought on Twitter or Facebook? Because you don’t want to be that person that shares their life on more than one social media platform. That’s just too much. I accidentally after a few bottles of wine managed to add all my Facebook contacts on Instagram and lived to regret it. Then I thought why did I regret that? Why do I filter out my friends, we are either friends or we’re not.

Social media is wonderful, it’s brilliant at keeping in touch, engaging in discussion and debate, sharing funny moments, making plans gaining an insight into the world. For example, I love getting Snapchats from my brother and nephew. Or sharing silly in-jokes or memories with my uni mates on Facebook. Twitter is great for sharing teaching resources and ideas. Or getting in touch with other bloggers.  Instagram is a good way to see nice photos of people or bullet journal ideas. Pinterest is brilliant for recipes, blog ideas or wishful thinking.

There’s the flip side of this as well. Snapchat is a tool of cyberbullying and children sending nudes to each other. (I am a teacher so put up with this on a daily basis) Facebook is full of the “Some people…” “PM me Babes” sort of passive aggressive status’. Twitter is full of one person making a passing comment and everyone and their uncle jumping on the bandwagon. As for Instagram, the amount of times I have heard about couples arguing because one person has liked someone else’s photo on Instagram. Pinterest is just unrealistic expectations on life.

Social Media has good and bad sides. As with everything in life. Good in Moderation.

What we need to always have at the back of our minds is this is not real life, this is filtered. The pictures are filtered, the content is filtered. People choose what to post, how to post and who to share it with. For example, I have two separate Instagram pages, one to go along with my blogs (Juniper Daze if you fancy a follow!) and my own personal one.

The reason being that I try to limit, or filter out you may say, pictures of myself, friends and family. Mainly focusing on what is happening in my life. I do have a practical reason for this, I am a teacher and so I have to be careful about how much of my private life is ‘out there’. We did have an issue last year where some pupils got quite obsessed with my really interesting life they started looking through mine and my family members Facebook pages to the point I think they thought they were part of the family.

So because I do have 2 Instagram pages, I do double filter. On my blog Instagram, I like to post inspirational pictures, I blog and post about going on dates with my husband and how creative I am. On my personal Instagram, I share maybe the more realistic me;  like cooking super noodles for tea for our first meal as a married couple or my failed selfie attempts with the cat. As brilliant as these posts are I don’t want the whole public knowing – just those I’ve approved on Instagram.

Book Recommendation

I was thinking about this as I read the book In Twenty Years Time by Alison Winn Scotch.

This was one of the free Amazon Kindle deals. I never normally have high hopes for these books but this one is worth a read. It was about a reunion of college roommates and how they all seem to have different perspectives of each other and in reality, things aren’t going so swimmingly. We never really know a person based entirely on their social media. People are brilliant at filtering, putting on a front and vignetting the parts of their life they don’t want people to see.

5 Rules of Social Media

  1. Don’t covet thy neighbors Instagram or Pinterest Life.

  2. Don’t judge a person by their Facebook status.

  3. Don’t write veiled passive aggressive posts on Facebook.

  4. Don’t send naked pictures of yourself.

  5. Never hashtag on Facebook.

I complete a Personality Test…

You may have heard of this test before. It is based on a different school of psychological thought and how there are 16 different personality types. Often called the Meyers-Briggs Test. These are based on our answers to certain questions and you are given a distinct 4 letter abbreviation which then can explain a lot about how you work, think and see the world.

One of the kids at school was telling me about it and so I went through the test answering the questions. It turns out I am an INTJ – This means I am Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. Or as they put it I am an Architect.

Architects are rare, forming only 2% of the population and 0.8% of women identify as Architects. The site says

“People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.”

So What does this mean?

I have a thirst for knowledge and love it. I’m very strategic at thinking and I have self-confidence in my knowledge. I am hard working, decisive and determined. This can make me arrogant, Judgmental and over analytical.

Time-consuming management techniques like trust-building getaways, progress meetings, and drawn-out, sandwiched criticisms are only going to annoy INTJs – all they need, be they subordinate, colleague, or manager, is to meet their goals with the highest standard of technical excellence and to be surrounded by, if anyone at all, people who share those values.

Basically, I think logically and strategically but it means I am not great at emotions or feelings.

Who else is an Architect?

Apparently – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vladimir Putin, Jay-Z, Michelle Obama and Katniss Everdeen are similar. You know what I’ll take that. I love Obama and Everdeen. I also read that Draco Malfoy is an INTJ.

Is this Accurate?

A lot of this I read through thinking yes this is me! I am an introvert, I do have a thirst for knowledge, I do think systematically and I do get easily annoyed at others. I’m glad that I finally have some sort of explanation for my personality. I mean maybe I don’t fit everything exactly but I think on a whole this description is fairly accurate and very interesting!

Have A Go!

Have a go yourself and see what your personality is.