5 Things I Don’t Give a F**K About

Zero Fucks Given

Inspired by Sarah Knights book – The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K. I decided to write a list of things I didn’t really care about. You can read my cheat sheet here.  The book says you should sit down a write things you care about and then from that score out the ones you really couldn’t care less about. I think however I am just going to keep an ongoing list of things I come across that I think, you know what I don’t give a damn about that. Next time it comes up I am just going to walk away. I have started my list and so am going to share some items on it. I am starting a spread in my Bullet Journal that I will add to as I go through life.

Zero Fucks Given

5 Things I don’t give a F**k about…

Other People’s Sex Lives

I don’t really care if you are having sex with 16 different people in one night. I don’t really care if you have whips and chains. I don’t really care if you are getting some or not. I don’t really care how big someone else’s penis is. I really cannot be arsed listening to people share all the ins and outs (quite literally) of their sexual encounters. What am I supposed to do with that information?

Whether people like each other

From this moment on I no longer will be completing the Sudoku of getting people together. I hate having to work out who is talking to who, who likes who, who cannot be in the same room as who. Instead if I have any sort of gathering or party, I’m just going to invite people and they can work it out amongst themselves. I am also sick of people saying why didn’t you invite me to things – when they know fine well its because they cannot be in the same room with other people.

Spending Money to be Polite

How many times do you buy something just to be polite. Whether it is at a friends, candle, make up, beauty product, Tupperware party (okay I am too young to have been at a Tupperware party and in all honesty I think I would love a Tupperware party) It may be you going in a shop purely to use the loo and feeling compelled to buy something. Trying out samples of things that you don’t particularly think are worth the money but feel compelled to buy it. Or going to an event that you don’t particularly want to go to and know you won’t enjoy just to be polite. Sponsoring someone you don’t really know or like but because you have been handed the form in front of all your colleagues. Therefore from this moment on, I will only be spending money on things that I want to spend money on.

Chasing Up Kids Homework

Being a teacher my life seems to be one big long list of to-dos. One thing I could do without is having to chase kids who haven’t handed in their homework. It’s inconvenient and means that I basically have to do lots more work to mark something that I most probably just handed out because I needed to mark a homework grade on their report cards.

Eating “Breakfast Food”

I do believe that breakfast is an important meal. But I hate traditional breakfast food. I don’t like traditional cooked breakfast. I don’t like cereal really, but also I hate the reaction I get when I say I really fancy pasta for breakfast. I don’t get why their are certain foods only for certain times of the day. A cheese and tomato toast for breakfast would do me nicely. I am no longer going to justify my breakfast food choices to anyone.


These are only a few items on my Zero F**KS Given list. We are going to be discussing the book on Tuesday 28th February at 7pm on my Facebook page. Come join us there as you get more inspiration for your own list!